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how many times can i say this?

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i heart brandon flowers. and he’s got such a cute new haircut!










Killers – Vegas

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Killers - Vegas

FUCK YEAH! i’m in Vegas. on my way to see the Killers w/ Louis XIV and Most Thieves at the Cosmopolitan.

theKillers vegas-style!

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i heart brandon flowers.  there. i’ve said it.  and i’m not embarrassed.

is it possible to love the killers more than i did before?

saw them last night at the new joint at the HardCock in vegas.

the new joint is enormously wide. the floor level has several risers, so everyone in the orchestra/gen adm section can see what the hell’s happening on stage. kinda like a bigger version of theWhorefield.

two gynormous tv screens flanked either side of the stage, so you could see closeups of pretty boy brandon flowers.

and i’m on my knees, looking for the answer

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13 dec sat

i’m still hoarse.

wed we went to karaoke.

thurs was NSSN.

last night i went to the Killers at the Whorefield.

i feel like Brandon might be a Jesus freak or something.  “and I”m on my knees, looking for the answer”… and, “he doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he, talks like a gentleman”… and there’s another one that i can’t remember right now.

my voice is shot.

work is gonna be very interesting tonight.

right.  so on to the show. a little different than thursday night at NSSN. more off the new album this time. (which i still haven’t bought. dammit.)

more crowded, but it’s a smaller venue, so that’s to be expected.

there were lotsa guys there with their girlfriends. and the guys were standing behind their girls, in “protection mode”. their arms wrapped around the girls waist, making sure she didn’t get bumped or jostled. it was verrrry irritating.

during “Human”, most of the floor started jumpin up n down. except the boys in “protection mode” of course.  why do people go to a concert to just stand there? if they’re so concerned about being bumped or jostled around, why don’t they go up to the balcony and get a seat?

at one point (i think it was during Mr. Brightside) i got tossed around and ended up in front of a few couples, and was promptly shoved back.  hm. these couples can be quite territorial, can’t they?

not so silent night

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12 dec fri.

i’m still quite hoarse.

live105 NSSN was last night. i was working till7pm, so i didn’t make it to see jacks mannequin, or franz ferdinand. too bad, because i like franz ferd.

i heart the killers.  (we know this already) but i realized that i also heart deathcab for cutie. i even heart block party.  why didn’t anyone remind me of this?

there were lotsa drunk-ass kids there.  some so drunk or strung out on meth/x/pot/whatever that a few had to be escorted out via paramedic.  why the hell would you spend so much damn $$ to sedate yourself so heavily that you cant even function?

ok, the show. let’s discuss.

bloc party was playing when we got there. i enjoy them. i don’t think i knew that they were brits. and i didn’t know that the lead singer was black. look at all the stuff i learned already.

deathcab. i know a bit about them, a few songs here and there. they are oh-so indie.  but i think the kids, now they call it “emo”. whatever.  lead singer guy had floppy hair that he bounced and flipped from side to side during the entire set.  it inspired jnaynay to have straight floppy hair that she can flip fron side to side. i realized that the infomercials that i watched the other night would be instrumental to perform such a task.

the killers. ***sigh*** i love the killers. 

photo from gussifier on flickr

photo from gussifier on flickr

i want to be brandon.  he was wearing this weird black blazer thing with lets say… eagle? ostrich? feathers on the shoulders.  his skinny skinny jeans made him appear even taller and leaner than he already is. a few songs in, he stripped off his jacket to reveal  slimfit black shirt and slim vest.  good, he’s still wearing vests, i thought to myself.

they played mostly stuff from Sam’s Town and Hot Fuss (i think the new album dropped just last week. dammit i can’t believe i haven’t bought it yet! usually  NSSN is at Bill Graham Civic Center, and if you’ve ever been there, you know that the sound is suck-ass.  not so in oakland.

the killers kick ass. JNayNay’s new boyfriend is brandon from the killers.

ok enough about the bands.

there was excellent people-watching as well!  standing near me was the most amazing cougar i’ve ever seen in my life.  she was completely ridiculous. her lips were botoxed to the point that they didn’t even look so much like lips so much as appendages attached to her face. and she wore these light (pink? aqua?) tinted sunglasses from 2003.  she was so hot. Jnaynay pointed her out to me.

later we saw a spiky headed blond woman. but her spikes emanated from the center of her head, from side-to-side across her head.  like lateral spikes. we called her triceratops.

NSSN.  good times.

are we human? or are we dancer?

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fri 26 sept 2008

[STFU!  how is this month almost over already?  where is my life going?]

i just heard on the radio that Killers tix are going on sale on Sun!  they’re playing here in osc-tober.

they’re also playing in Vegas.  maybe i’ll see them there, too.

click to listen to the new single on last fm

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