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it’s a family affair

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fri 18 jan

the girls

no one told me that T moved! she lives in Chelsea Lite now. she and her hubby moved from east harlem last year.

anyway, we met up, took some photos, and made our way to the Otheroom. STFU! i’d been there before. it was after MishyMoo’s wedding. and i was so drunk i couldn’t remember where the hell we were, but i’d get flashes of the place. never knew where it was. now i do.

it took us a while to find Perry St. the streets in the West Village all kinda crash into each other very strangely.

it’s a small place. dark. loved it.
wine and beer only. hated it.

i had a glass of vinho verde. and then later a glass of something frenchy sounding. loved it again.

it was crazy crowded with drunk 30somethings. some drunk barfly asked me if i had any cigarettes. i replied no. she went to the other end of the bar to bum some cigarettes. 4 minutes later, she returned, and i was still at the bar, because bartendress hadn’t been able to get over to me yet. noticed that there was a dog in the bar. Drunk Barfly asked me if i smoked. i replied, “no, i still don’t”. so i hated it again.

it was me, T, C, and Li. we were waiting for Dhi. she eventually arrived, and we left the otheroom.

we walked aimlessly, but we had a destination in mind. it was this little place on 8th and Jane? Bleecker? (remember how the streets all crash into each other down there) it was called SHAG. it was shagadelic. food was 70s party food. Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, pigs in bondage, edamame (? dunno where that came from).

i had an Earl grey martini. it was with gin. it was fabu-lash. i had 3 total.wasn’t that drunk at all.

was fun to hang out with the girls.

they all live near each other, so we walked each other in the direction of home.

C mentioned that i should try Billy’s cupcakes as well. so i looked for it. on my way home. again, i was wandering around Chelsea. but this time it was 1am. i found it on 9th ave.

i had to pee, so i stopped into a bar. barracuda. it was actually fun there.

[where: 11 abingdon square, new York, NY]

[where: 143 perry street, 10014]

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