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can you hear me now?

Posted in the fam with tags , , on Sunday 1 March, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sun 1 march 11:37

i just talked to my parents.  they were in the car, on the way home from Buttfuck, NJ.

mom: is it okay if i call you at work sometimes?

me: sure.

mom:  okay. many times i don’t have anything specific to tell you, but i just wanna hear your voice.

normally, i’d find it irritating, but now i find it quite touching.
as my parents get older, they get more sentimental.

and i think back to all the other times they’d called, and i brushed them off within a few minutes.  damn. i’m such a bitch sometimes.


the fam is in town

Posted in san francisco with tags , on Monday 22 December, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

mom & dad arrived at SFO this morning.
didn’t have much time with them. they’re off in hercules at their friend’s house. i switched shifts with Jin. so i’m working mid-shift, and she’s working night. that means i can go out to dinner with them tomorrow. i think it’s gonna be at Anchor & Hope. or maybe Laiola. or LaMar. or R&G Lounge. so many restaurants. and limited time.

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