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like i’m in my 20s

Posted in drinking, friends, new york with tags , , , , on Sunday 20 January, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

20 jan sun

inside the magician on Rivington

apparently last night, i time traveled back to my mid 20s.

me and SavagelyTan met up in Hell’s Kitchen for a few drinks and some food. about an hour or so later, we met up with Guido and his friend from Wrong Island.

we decided to go downtown, because that’s where everything happens.

started out at the Magician, a bar on Rivington. we stayed there all night. much drinking and laughing and fun ensued. <<sidebar: shut up! i just found out that the Magician is a sister bar to WCOU in the east village! >>

SavagelyTan left at about 1am.

Guido’s friend left at about 2am.

Guido and i decided to stay a little longer. we tried to go to Fat Baby. no go. then we tried to go to some schmancy bar across the street, which later, i found out was called Hotel on Rivington. (access denied.) wtf? when the hell did Rivington St become so schmancy?

we went to an empty bar nearby. Verlaine. it’s supposedly lame, but it’s a way cooler bar than anything in SF.

Guido and i continued to drink crown royal + soda.

and suddenly, it was 3:30am

and we were hungry. pizza time.

a quick stop at Rosario’s and we were in a cab uptown.

it’s fun to party like you’re still in your 20s. but my hangover the next morning reminded me that i am no longer living in 1998.

[where: 118 rivington, 10002]

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