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how many times can i say this?

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i heart brandon flowers. and he’s got such a cute new haircut!










in the crossfire

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friday 11.12.10

i heart brandon flowers.

but he needs to eat. he’s too skinny.


theKillers vegas-style!

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i heart brandon flowers.  there. i’ve said it.  and i’m not embarrassed.

is it possible to love the killers more than i did before?

saw them last night at the new joint at the HardCock in vegas.

the new joint is enormously wide. the floor level has several risers, so everyone in the orchestra/gen adm section can see what the hell’s happening on stage. kinda like a bigger version of theWhorefield.

two gynormous tv screens flanked either side of the stage, so you could see closeups of pretty boy brandon flowers.

andy you’re a star

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Happy Birthday to my new BFF, Brandon Flowers of the Killers.

wikipedia has this to say about him.

thursday 21June 10:01

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