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Posted in new york, shopping with tags , , on Friday 18 January, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

fri 18 jan

i didn’t turn on the tv today. i finally learned.

i made it to the gym pretty early. i went to Winter Boarding class. it’s a cleverly disguised Pilates class using the BOSU ball. lotsa squats, and leg extensions, etc. good for snowboarding. my legs hurt like a motherfucker, though. so does my core.

then i did some cardio. and then, i went in search of Café grumpy. it was highy recommended by SavagelyTan. Grumpy is in Chelsea. somewhere around 20th st lets say? it’s teeny. the coffee is crazy expensive. and apparently you’re supposed to know the difference between Colombian and Ethiopian and , and their flavors and richness and boldness, etc. its’ quite an experience.

i tried to find Billy’s Cupcakes. several people have told me about it. i thought it was somewhere around café grumpy, so i walked and walked and walked in circles around Chelsea. never found it. and i was hungry.

i stopped at this place Champignon. i had a panini. and opened my laptop. wireless access available. excellent. i was supposed to meet with my cousins tonight. we hadn’t picked a place, and the wireless internet access i had been stealing at the Bachelor Pad Royale hadn’t been working for the past few days.

so i caught up on email, facebook, and researched places to go tonight.

via mass text, me and the cousins decided to meet at the Otheroom. but first, meet at T’s place.

so i walked around Chelsea some more. i discovered a menswear boutique called Behaviour. everything was a bazillion percent off!

i totally got 2 pairs of pants that i spent way too much money on. but i don’t care. i love them.

[where:  224 West 20th Street, 10011]

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