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monday 11 april 2011.

it’s busy at the hotel tonight.  there’s some convention in town. and lots of stupid-ass people, with stupid ass problems that are not necessarily concierge-related, but they call me to help them anyway: 

– i’m at pier 40, and i can’t get a cab.

– your wireless is slow.

– i lost my phone in a cab. can you call the cab company and have the driver bring it here?  why aren’t they calling me back? i need that phone!

– where can we eat that’s good? we’ll eat anything. 
no, we don’t want sushi.
no, we’re vegetarian.
no, we don’t want italian
no, we don’t want american.
etc. etc. etc.

in other news, i’m working at the Other Hotel tomorrow in the am, because Lana is on vay-cay.

in other, other news, except for the stupid-ass people, i kind of enjoy the busy-ness of it here.  the DJ is pumpin!

and in other, other, other news, i’m going to the ‘hoe again on wednesday! good times!


seemingly insipid

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23 october 2010.

it started out as a low-key monday in late september. (it always does, doesn’t it?) who knew that it would escalate into an all-night binge of debauchery and emotion?

for whatever reason, i worked teacher’s hours that morning,  7am-3pm, which allowed me to attend the concierge event later that night at starbelly in the castro.  I’d been there before, but only for drinks.

i departed from the confines of the Hotel at 3pm. i’m rarely off at this time, and was a little unsure as to how to spend my newly found afternoon free. it was 80+ degrees outside, so i decided that outdoor luxuriation was going to be my main focus.  i rode around north beach, chinatown, and eventually ended by riding along the embarcadero. there is primo luxuriation real estate near the arrow.  the clock tower struck 5pm, and i was still there. the event started at 5:30pm.  i’d been riding my bike around town, and thought that a shower was in order before attending this event. luckily, the Crunch was right across the street, but it took me at least another 30 minutes before i motivated anywhere.

by the time i got to starbelly, it was about 6:30.  a few of the concierges were already there, including Eye and Maz, who i met at the wine country event the week prior.  i was glad, because i like them.  my former coworker LSan, and my replacement, Oz; my current manager, DR; and Association Prez (irritating) were there.  hellos and hugs were exchanged, and i started imbibing.

pimms cup was my drink of choice. after all, it was hot out,

click here to see where i got this image from!

and pimms cup are pretty light on the booze.  unless, of course, you drink 3 of them in the span of an hour. (-_-)

the event ended, and since we were in the Castro, me, Isaac, and Marie went to Qbar to partake in their 2-for-1 monday drink special.  we even got LSan to come with us.  however, she had enough sense to leave after drink #1, to go home and watch the season premiere of House. how smart of her. if only i’d known.

well, several rounds of drinks later, it was only 9pm.  and we were drunk. drunk. drunk.

so, like any self-respecting drunktards, we went to Badlands. Maz had 2 friends join us, so our drunk-tourage (entourage) was getting larger, and more intoxicated.

Badlands had $2 special on rolling rock. (yep, just what we needed!)  as a result, all of it was an incredible blur. although, somehow, we left badlands, because….

the next thing i realize, i’m in someone’s apt, drinking, playing and carrying on like i’m still in my 20s.

apparently, the night went something like this:

badlands.  moby dick.  chatting.  meet friends.  hit it off.  last call. back to new friends’ place.  drink some more.  upstairs, downstairs.  more playing.  phone call from mom at 4:15am.  turns out that my lola passed away.  call mom back, heavily intoxicated. lots of crying. more drinking. crashed at friends place. wake up the next morning. hung over as FUCK.

Aries, (my new BFF) recounts the night to me.  and even i’m surprised at the debauchery.

we spend the morning (and afternoon) trying to piece together the events that lead up to the present.  it was like playing “clue” in reverse. i discover that me and Aries have lots in common. he’s cool.  and i like hanging out with him.

i realize that i have to fly back to NY that afternoon/evening.  mother fucker. why am i so hungover?  and what’s with the swiss cheese memory?  (apparently, that’s what happens when you start drinking at 6:30pm.  and partake in monday night drink specials.)

anyway.  i’m glad it all happened, because it was fun.  and i made a new friend.but maybe next time, i won’t partake in so many 2-for-1 drink specials.

i head for the location of where (i think and hope!) my bike is still parked and locked.  and  there it was… just where i’d left it. excellent.

good times.

who’s that?

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mon 31 aug 10:21am

Brazilian Doll sent me an email on wed, and mentioned that her aunt and uncle were checking into the Hotel on Thursday, and can i do anything for them, etc.

i didn’t look at the email until thursday and i’m off wed-thur-fri, so i couldn’t do anything for them until i got into work on sat.

i get there on sat and i see that they’re still in-house, checking out on Sunday. i was planning to upgrade them, or give ‘em free breakfast during their stay, but it’s too late for all that stuff.  so i decide that a bottle of wine is appropriate.

i print out a note, explaining to them that their niece, Brazilian Doll and i were coworkers, and she mentioned that you were staying here at theHotel, etc. etc.  please enjoy this bottle of wine with our compliments, etc.

yesterday (Sunday) at work, Uncle Brazilian Doll comes up to me with a thank-you note, looking for the woman concierge named (mylastname). apparently he got a little confused. whatever.

he wanted to thank me for the bottle of wine, but he didn’t know who it was from.

at first, i thought i sent it to the wrong room.  he confirmed that he was Uncle Brazilian Doll. so i went into my whole spiel about his niece, Brazilian Doll, etc. etc.

and still has no idea who she is.

so, either Brazilian Doll isn’t their “niece”, or they’ve got Alzheimers.

the meeting of the minds

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22 july 1:06am

went to a concierge association meeting earlier this evening.

good food.

some concierges are really full of themselves, and can be very condescending.

i gave the membership director a piece of my mind, and pointed out errors in the website and basically made glaring references to areas they’ve neglected.   we are only as good as our resources available to us, and there haven’t been very many resources or information provided to me via the website.

and i listened while we discussed things like integrity and ethics–supposedly, we’re not allowed to accept incentive plans.  like the one from the restaurant in the mun-NOCK-o. but i don’t understand how that’s different than our receiving commissions based on the tours that we book?

i also met some new vendors.  it’s always good to have more options.

i thought i had more to say. but i can’t remember it at the moment.

when i got back to my property, i saw the FD Mgr from the mun-NOCK-o.  and earlier i saw several other kimpton bigwigs, who can be quite pompous and irritating, too.  i’m glad i’m a concierge, and i don’t plan to climb up the ladder any further.

boobs came in to say hello.  but i was on the phone.

she and her friend went into the bar.

when i popped in to say hi, there was an old guy with them.  apparently, he’s a frequent guest at the JayDub.

and god-fucking-dammit! i have to work tomorrow at 7:00am! covering for L, because she got called for jury duty.





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31 may sun.

what the hell have i been doing lately? a whole lot of un-important.  mostly happy hours, i think.

tried a few new restaurants, and re-connected with old ones. tropisueno, local, extreme pizza, dim sum bar, the view, oola, farmerbrown, indian buffet.

tried some new happpy hours: perry’s, cosmopolitan cafe, roe, la mar, two, mccormick&kuletos, taco tuesday.

reacquainted myself with, and introduced myself to some of the bars and clubs around: trigger, sadlands, slide, toadhall, vessel, matrixfillmore, medjool.

reconnected with current and met some new friends: homeslice, Dave from the MidWest, czechxican, theColleague, MishyMoo, Frank

all while riding my bike around town, and sprinkling a few trips to the gym here and there. and i guess i’ve been working too.

shift swap

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11 march wed

my days off are never my days off.  i always get called in. today is no different.  jin  has some family drama (when doesn’t she have family drama?) so i’m working tonight, and my revised sked this week: i’m off on thursday and friday.

perhaps i can catch up with my normal-jobbed friends for friday night happy hour.


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25 feb wed.

i’ve been on a mandated furlough this week, so i’ve had lots of time to catch up on my social life.  although, most of it has been work-related.

last week, i went to concierge fashion show at bloomingdale’s.

earlier this week, a concierge dinner at Waterfront.  and a fat tuesday party at McCormick&Kuleto’s at Ghirardelli Sq.

tonight, an event at biscuits and blues.

i’m very busy lately

and slowwwwwwly, i’m working my way into the secret world of the concierge community.

i finally met some concierges that aren’t pretentious.  and of course we are now BFF.

a few are members of Les Clefs D’or, which will be excellent when i want to further my career in this zany concierge world.

must leave my apt. now.  been here all day doing nothing!

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