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shamrock shake

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it’s shamrock shake mania!

everyone’s searching for one! (and by “everyone”, i mean maybe 2 of my friends on facebook)

still, i don’t understand what all the drama/excitement is about.

growing up on WrongIsland, i’ve never seen one. but apparently, over the bridge in NJ, they were plentiful.

in the news recently, i keep hearing about this “shamrock shake” phenomenon.  admittedly, “the news” is in the form of facebook status updates.

apparently, this shamrock shake comes around about as often as Halley’s Comet, and trying to find one is likened to finding a unicorn…or spotting bigfoot!

from my (exhaustive) research, (thanks, google and yahoo!) i have determined it to be a vanilla milkshake with mint flavor, and green dye.

sounds yucky.

i don’t like artificial mint flavoring, and nothing good can result from chemically filled green dye. thus, i don’t imagine that i’ll like the shamrock shake.

i haven’t been into a McDonald’s in years. but perhaps i’ll be traveling somewhere within the next few weeks and i’ll find one and give it a try.  who knows?



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26 feb thurs

[where: 1000 van ness, 94109]


i forgot to mention that the van ness location of crunch has, uh… crunch-ed.

it’s closing it’s doors permanently on march 15th.  at first, i didn’t think much of it. i’d just go to one of the other gyms.  (there are 6 or so in SF).  but as i thought about it some more… i realized that i have a community of people who i “know” at the gym.

i don’t actually talk to any of them, but i have names for them: Latino Guy who smells like Snuggle; Guy with Fernet Hat, Yoga Guy, Jocelyn Wildenstein; the Pogue; mustache guy; Chatty Brit; Guy Who Talks A Lot; Server Girl; Crutches Guy.  i could go on and on and on.

even though i never talk to them, i see them a few times a week. sometimes more, sometimes less.  i definitely see them more than i see my family.  and sometimes i see them more than i see my friends.  weird.

where is this community gonna go? it’s disbanding. and will i see these people again?  what if they decide to change gyms? more importantly, which crunch location will become my new “home” crunch?

it sucks ass that this crunch location is closing. this is the only one that’s not smack in the middle of the marina or the financial district.  why the hell did they decide to grow so quickly?  did they have to open the location on unions st in cow hollow?  no.  and the other locations suck.  there’s no steam room.  at the Montgomery one, the bathroom stalls are enormous.  for what? to take up space? i could go on and on and on about why i’ll miss my “home” crunch.  it’s true that all the locations have their own personalities.  and i liked the van ness one the most.  sure, i could go to another location, but this one was only 3 blocks away from my apt.

also, in a somewhat-related note, i also realized that the slightly mentally disabled young kid who works as a locker room attendant will be out of a job soon.  where will he work? i don’t want him to be out of a job.

it’s sad to watch the crunch community slowly disintegrate right before my eyes.   (o_o)

the hills are alive with gym sightings

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i’ve started going to the gym again recently. yesterday was all about catching up on really bad TV.

the Hills was on.

it’s so stupid.

but of course i watch it.

then i saw FrontDeskGuy. he got fat. very surprising. later i saw him in the locker room shaking up a protein shake of sorts. Guy With Big Nose was lurking about, too. probably looking for someone to accost and talk to.
this morning i saw Fernet Hat Guy, and JocelynWildenstein Anorexic Lady.

turns out that i don’t have to work at the day restaurant today. so i’ve got the day to waste away.

going to the opening of the symphony later. snoozy. off site event for the restaurant.


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fri 28 sept 10:46

san francisco twins

{above picture stolen from this guy}

i’ve had some sightings lately.

i was on my bike the other day headed to myth cafe for lunch, when i saw the San Francisco Twins! it was exciting! they were near union square, probably shopping. they’re very charming.

at the gym, i saw Roberto, the bartender from Jade. his hair is shorter, and he wasn’t wearing his glasses. my coworkers and i make up stories about him. we’ve decided that he must be single again, thus the reason for going to the gym, getting a haircut, and wearing contact lenses. he’s gotta look good if he wants to find himself a new girlfirend, right?

and finally, the other day, i saw Brandi. allow me to explain. living in the tenderloin, you see your fair share of crackheads, trannies and prostitutes. (or some combo of the three) Brandi is Eegs’ favorite crackhead. i see her every so often, meandering the streets of the ‘loin, sometimes, totally spacey and cracked/meth-ed out. other times, completely normal looking. i saw her the other night on my way home from work–she wasn’t wearing any shoes and had a dazed look on her face. not good.

[where: 94102]
[where: 94109]

watching the world go by

Posted in bicycle, free stuff, friends, san francisco, sightings with tags , on Thursday 19 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

19 July 16:20

one of my favorite pastimes is to sit in Union Square and watch the world go by. i usually play Spot the European, and sometimes i even get free stuff. (Union Square is a mecca for promotions people). today i got a free package of Swedish Fish, and a sample of Dove Dark Chocolate.

as i sat there, i began to hear the faint thump-thump-thumping of a bass drum, followed by the rat-a-tat-tat of snare drums, and ka-ching of cymbals. as they approached, the rhythmic beats got louder. what the hell was going on? a marching band? Queer Cheer SF? no, it was a drumline! a bunch of highschool kids from Alameda. i felt like i was in that movie! way better than those damn hippie-dippie drum circles in GoldenGate Park. bleah.

as i continued my time in Union Square, i spotted Guy From The Gym With Leg Tattoos. i only see him at the gym downtown location. he was with a short, overweight, 50-something woman. i’m assuming it was his mom, and not his girlfriend.

when i went to unlock my bike, i ran into Plo and Bunzai. she was on her way to ShittyCollege to drop of financial aid paperwork(?) register for a photography class(?) buy books(?) i should start paying more attention.


Posted in sightings on Tuesday 26 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Tuesday 26 June 13:27

at Pride festivities in the CivicCenter this past Sunday, I saw several people i “know” from the gym.  the Shaved Head Guy From Yoga.  random Crunch Trainers.  Ahmed with some guy in the castro. Ahmed’s looking very skinny lately.

at Queen party at the embarcadero, I saw the Gay Porn Stars.  I don’t know if they’re actually porn stars, but one is always wearing a Hot House t-shirt.  One of them got his braces off. (no, he’s not young–looks somewhere around 32-38 or so).

today at the gym I saw Jocelyn Wildenstein Clone.  yesterday, Guy Who Lost Lotsa Weight; Napoleon; Runner Guy with Fernet Hat.

I should stop this silliness and update my previous posts about LA.    😛

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