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virgin mega-whore

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26 feb thurs

STFU!  virgin mega-whore in SanFrancisco is closing!!

(uhm, not that i actually buy CDs or anything.)

add this to the list of businesses that are shutting its doors due to the failing economy, or losing business to the internets.

how are small, local, non-chain mom&pop places gonna survive?

:::  sigh  :::



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fri 18 jan

i didn’t turn on the tv today. i finally learned.

i made it to the gym pretty early. i went to Winter Boarding class. it’s a cleverly disguised Pilates class using the BOSU ball. lotsa squats, and leg extensions, etc. good for snowboarding. my legs hurt like a motherfucker, though. so does my core.

then i did some cardio. and then, i went in search of Café grumpy. it was highy recommended by SavagelyTan. Grumpy is in Chelsea. somewhere around 20th st lets say? it’s teeny. the coffee is crazy expensive. and apparently you’re supposed to know the difference between Colombian and Ethiopian and , and their flavors and richness and boldness, etc. its’ quite an experience.

i tried to find Billy’s Cupcakes. several people have told me about it. i thought it was somewhere around café grumpy, so i walked and walked and walked in circles around Chelsea. never found it. and i was hungry.

i stopped at this place Champignon. i had a panini. and opened my laptop. wireless access available. excellent. i was supposed to meet with my cousins tonight. we hadn’t picked a place, and the wireless internet access i had been stealing at the Bachelor Pad Royale hadn’t been working for the past few days.

so i caught up on email, facebook, and researched places to go tonight.

via mass text, me and the cousins decided to meet at the Otheroom. but first, meet at T’s place.

so i walked around Chelsea some more. i discovered a menswear boutique called Behaviour. everything was a bazillion percent off!

i totally got 2 pairs of pants that i spent way too much money on. but i don’t care. i love them.

[where:  224 West 20th Street, 10011]

shopping and retox

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thurs 17 january

i was more focused when i got up today. it’s probably because i only had a few glasses of wine last night.

i should learn by now that i must not turn on the tv. i watched project runway AGAIN. i’ve already seen these episodes! (the Jersey girl prom dress). and i’m still watching them! i tore myself away from the couch relatively early today and made my way downtown.

today i went to Klurk, in Chinatown-slash-SoHo-slash-NoLIta. i’ve bought stuff from this place before. it’s a little boutique, and i think the designer is also the owner. everything was on super sale, (50% off!) but i wasn’t feeling the styles or colors.

after wandering around chinatown for a while, i think i ended up on lower broadway somehow. and then SoHo. stopped at GStar. the employees in there are so damn skinny! and to Diesel to see what’s on offer. and KenCole, because CrazyCzech mentioned that shoes were on super sale. i popped into stores here and there. didn’t buy anything yet. i wasn’t feeling any of the stuff.

i stopped into Crunch Broadway to pee. and it started raining. again. since i was down there, i stopped into atrium. everything’s on ultra-sale there. i got a pair of GStar striped pants. half price. only $80. still expensive. but i liked them.

then i made my way home., because i was planning to meet Mo, Savagely Tan and Milhaus for dinner. we went to Gabriela’s. a Mexican place on 94th. we had the requisite powerful margaritas. and shared a bunch of stuff.

dinner was fun. i love Mo and SavagelyTan. Milhaus is a cute kid.

it was only about 8:30 when we were done, so i went back to their place with them. we talked, and reviewed Monday night. and reminisced about SF when they lived there in the mid90s, and NY when we all llived there in the late 90s into the millennium.

a few beers later. i went back home.

happy 4th

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Wednesday 4 July 16:02

it’s hot today. like california. went to the gym. boxing class was going on. I really dislike the “chh-chh-chh” noises the boxers make when throwing a punch.

walked up polk st. trying to go to the Bell Tower. too crowded, no outside seating. that’s always a problem in this town. it’s a very infrequent occurrence that it’s warm enough to sit outside in July without the need for a sweater. and when it is warm enough, the entire city has the same idea. ::sigh::

Lombardi’s was next door, and CrazyCzech went inside in search of a new man-bag for him. for a few months now, he’s been carrying around a fugly-ass backpack . I dunno why, because he’s got several other man-bags that are much better in size and style. He bought one from Timbuk 2. cool as fuck! sorta crescent shaped, but with a single strap, like a messenger bag. looked online, can’t find a pic of it anywhere.

HomeSlice called while we were in Lombardi’s. She’s spending her independence day, independently from anyone.

CrazyCzech was able to get a 15% discount at Lombardi’s with his gym membership. wow. membership has its privileges.

we continued walking up polk st. and decided that we’d try Petit Robert.

well, apparently, Petit Robert is celebrating Bastille Day early, because I can’t think of any other reason why it’d be closed on an American holiday. agh, the French!

outside outside outside seating… ah, I know, Nook on Hyde!

we make our way up there, and pass the eye-talian restaurant Amarena on the way. They do a happy hour every other Thursday. interesting. but how do I know when it’s the “other” Thursday?

Nook was great! we ordered a ham sammich with some sort of cheese and sage on it. yummers. and a beet salad. usually i’m a big fan of beets, but this salad was, meh. a couple a glasses of white wine and a little table in the sun, and it was a most excellent way to celebrate our country’s independence from the oh-so oppresive Brits. excellent people watching. it’s on a corner, and cable cars pass by every few minutes, loaded with gawking tourists from far away places like Orinda and Pleasanton.

I’m getting ready for my shift at the restaurant tonight. I think I’m workin with DonnyG and Boobs. I have no idea if it’ll be slow.

Gotta plan my trip to NYC. I usually go there in July or August to experience hot.

saturday in LA

Posted in bar, beach, drinking, Eegs, Frank, LA, restaurant, shopping, sub-lebrities, sushi with tags , , on Wednesday 20 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

img_0005.jpgafter my flight at the ass-crack of dawn, I arrived at LAX around 8:30. made my way to the rental car, and was “ready for my close-up”. I navigated my way past Sepulveda Ave, decided to eschew the 405, and take surface streets instead. I realized that I had awoken at 3am to catch my 6:30 flight outta SFO , and my stomach reminded me it was feeding time.

After a few random turns, I came across a diner of sorts, called Grinder. on Sepulveda at Westchester. exactly what I needed. breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, turkey sausage patty and hash browns. the breakfast of the champions. all for about $6.

I got back into my Avis rental car. (Pontiac G6. with sunroof!). sweet ride. it was only about 10:30am. the clouds were lifting, and I head for the freakshow at Venice Beach.


about an hour later, (I got lost in Century City a few times) after walking through the overpasses and the canals, I arrive at the boardwalk, or the concrete. gawked at the meat heads at Muscle Beach for a little bit, bought a new pair of aviator shades, and then settled in to increase my chances of melanoma for a few hours. (of course I wore sunscreen!)

Frank called me when she got in. she wants to freshen up a little. we agree to meet up later. a few hours go by, and we meet up at our hotel on Sunset. Don’t get too excited. it wasn’t theStandard or the Mondrian or anything.

We decide to get some food somewhere in WestHollywood. driving around a little, we stumble upon Basix Cafe, where I had my first sub-lebrity sighting: Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model. I know. you can hardly contain your excitement. but I have better sightings, during this trip, really!

after lunch we hit Melrose Ave. I got a belt buckle and a leather wrist cuff, and Frank got a pillbox from some vendor who set up shop in the parking lot next to a store called SLOW (?).

We hit Wasteland, and Crossroads over there, too, and hung out for a while, got a coffee, and watched the show of passersby on Melrose.

Went to dinner that night at Katsu-Ya in Studio City. (Is that the Valley?) kick ass, creative sushi. specials were a crispy riceball something, scallops with foie gras, some spicy stuff, etc. etc. yummers. me and Frank split a large Sapporo.

Met up with Eegs after dinner. Tried to go to Winston’s, but the bouncer kept explaining the drama. “You guys put me in a really awkward situation here, showing up at midnight on Saturday expecting to get in. I’ve got larger private parties coming and I’m almost at capacity. I can’t keep the bar empty until midnight and then everyone arrives and expects to get in…” whatever. save the drama for the soap operas, Homeboy.

We ended up going to Jones, where Frank was promptly hit on my some loser 40something who claimed to be Bing Crosby’s grandson. LAMERS.

wed 20 June 23:52

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more than just garlic

Posted in amusement parks, CrazyCzechs, day trip, Gilroy, off, shoes, shopping, thrift, Zipcar on Friday 8 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Friday 8 June 2007.

off yesterday. borrowed a Zipcar, and along with CrazyCzech, decided to embark upon a trip to the unknown. Gilroy. It’s apparently the Garlic capital of the world.

when we got there, we discovered so much more. It’s a quaint small town. we stumbled upon a Salvation Army. It was ok. Stuff was very cheap, although we didn’t find anything.

We drove around some more, and noticed signs for the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, formerly known as Bonfante Gardens . We investigate. There’s a $40 entrance fee for the rides/attractions and gardens. I decide that we need not admire the gardens from a-near, when we’re perfectly capable of admiring the gardens from afar. It seemed very kid-oriented as well.

We continue driving down one of the main drags, and come across a big-(ish) faux Eye-talian restaurant, Mamma Mia’s. it turned out to be a chain, with other locations in Morgan Hill, Campbell, and somewhere else I can’t remember. It had outdoor seating, and quaint charming-ness about it.

Our lunch was baked goatcheese portobello mushroom starter, curry gnocchi, and I had a fettuccine calabrese. Basically, spicy sausage and pasta with red sauce. mmmmm.

After lunch, we were still determined to eventually make our way to the outlets. we stumbled upon the local Goodwill. This was a goodwill like no other. Everything in the store was brand new, but all of it were castoffs from Target. yeah. everything. clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, electronics, housewares, cleaning supplies, EVERYTHING. It was like shopping in a Target Outlet.

I totally scored a new rug, and those things for the stove top!

Several hours later, we eventually headed to the Gilroy Outlets.

Normally, I’m not an outlet shopper. I find the pain and suffering of sifting through tons and tons of ugly, unwearable, schmata for that one piece that you really didn’t like anyway, but are buying it because you’ve spent so much time looking at crappy clothes/colors/styles, just isn’t worth the effort.

This time, however, I totally scored a pair of gold puma sneakers. They totally kick ass.

While we were out and about, we kept seeing the same people walking around. And at one point, we saw another Zipcar parked near us. This one was a Scion xB. about a half hour later, when we pulled into the parking lot of the Nike Factory Store, and saw the same Scion xB Zipcar once again! funny.

Stopped by the Sony store, and looked at new digital cameras, since I lost CrazyCzech’s camera at BayToBreakers last month. 😦

Also looked at sony vaio laptops: rrrrrrr… sek-SAYYY! although a little outta my price range right now.

Dinner was at the local Chevy’s. we got $5 off our meal because we had a coupon from the Gilroy Outlets shopping guide! yeah!

my latest obsession

Posted in obsessions, shopping on Saturday 26 May, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

Green Machine
went food shopping yesterday. picked up a half gallon of this stuff. Addictive like crack, except it’s all juice, all the time. yummers.

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