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sat 23 osc-tober 2010.

it was tuesday when CrazyCzech and i went to the oh-so posh restaurant benu at the former hawthorne lane.


that’s all i have to say.

i don’t care that you’re a french laundry alumnus.

food is… eh.   and way overpriced.  maybe upscale fine dining is wasted on me, because i really enjoy other restaurants,  like blue plate, front porch, maverick, nopa, coco500. 

oh, but it all looked good. everything was a piece of artwork and looked like it was from the 5th floor of the SF MoMA. i didn’t recognize most of the ingredients from their natural state.  weird. 

the dining room is totes minimalist. like someone’s living room, by way of crate & barrel.  yelpers were creaming over the utensils, which were excessively flat, and somewhat brushed steel (?)

and i had the privilege to experience this for a mere $300, ladies and gentlemen, $300.  is the word:  SUCKER printed boldly across my forehead?  apparently so.

i’m already tired of discussing this subject.


seemingly insipid

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23 october 2010.

it started out as a low-key monday in late september. (it always does, doesn’t it?) who knew that it would escalate into an all-night binge of debauchery and emotion?

for whatever reason, i worked teacher’s hours that morning,  7am-3pm, which allowed me to attend the concierge event later that night at starbelly in the castro.  I’d been there before, but only for drinks.

i departed from the confines of the Hotel at 3pm. i’m rarely off at this time, and was a little unsure as to how to spend my newly found afternoon free. it was 80+ degrees outside, so i decided that outdoor luxuriation was going to be my main focus.  i rode around north beach, chinatown, and eventually ended by riding along the embarcadero. there is primo luxuriation real estate near the arrow.  the clock tower struck 5pm, and i was still there. the event started at 5:30pm.  i’d been riding my bike around town, and thought that a shower was in order before attending this event. luckily, the Crunch was right across the street, but it took me at least another 30 minutes before i motivated anywhere.

by the time i got to starbelly, it was about 6:30.  a few of the concierges were already there, including Eye and Maz, who i met at the wine country event the week prior.  i was glad, because i like them.  my former coworker LSan, and my replacement, Oz; my current manager, DR; and Association Prez (irritating) were there.  hellos and hugs were exchanged, and i started imbibing.

pimms cup was my drink of choice. after all, it was hot out,

click here to see where i got this image from!

and pimms cup are pretty light on the booze.  unless, of course, you drink 3 of them in the span of an hour. (-_-)

the event ended, and since we were in the Castro, me, Isaac, and Marie went to Qbar to partake in their 2-for-1 monday drink special.  we even got LSan to come with us.  however, she had enough sense to leave after drink #1, to go home and watch the season premiere of House. how smart of her. if only i’d known.

well, several rounds of drinks later, it was only 9pm.  and we were drunk. drunk. drunk.

so, like any self-respecting drunktards, we went to Badlands. Maz had 2 friends join us, so our drunk-tourage (entourage) was getting larger, and more intoxicated.

Badlands had $2 special on rolling rock. (yep, just what we needed!)  as a result, all of it was an incredible blur. although, somehow, we left badlands, because….

the next thing i realize, i’m in someone’s apt, drinking, playing and carrying on like i’m still in my 20s.

apparently, the night went something like this:

badlands.  moby dick.  chatting.  meet friends.  hit it off.  last call. back to new friends’ place.  drink some more.  upstairs, downstairs.  more playing.  phone call from mom at 4:15am.  turns out that my lola passed away.  call mom back, heavily intoxicated. lots of crying. more drinking. crashed at friends place. wake up the next morning. hung over as FUCK.

Aries, (my new BFF) recounts the night to me.  and even i’m surprised at the debauchery.

we spend the morning (and afternoon) trying to piece together the events that lead up to the present.  it was like playing “clue” in reverse. i discover that me and Aries have lots in common. he’s cool.  and i like hanging out with him.

i realize that i have to fly back to NY that afternoon/evening.  mother fucker. why am i so hungover?  and what’s with the swiss cheese memory?  (apparently, that’s what happens when you start drinking at 6:30pm.  and partake in monday night drink specials.)

anyway.  i’m glad it all happened, because it was fun.  and i made a new friend.but maybe next time, i won’t partake in so many 2-for-1 drink specials.

i head for the location of where (i think and hope!) my bike is still parked and locked.  and  there it was… just where i’d left it. excellent.

good times.

fake factory

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10 march 2010.

last week when faith was in town, it was all about the factory!  we started at the Jelly Belly Factory in fairfield. it was actually kinda fun. we went on a tour and saw how the jelly belly(s) are made, and tasted some of the gross flavors. i tried rotten egg, canned dog food.  faith tried booger, baby wipes, and centipede.  eeeeeeew!

we drove up to wine country and looked around afterwards.  neither of us like wine. and it was raining.  so it worked out okay.  we had lunch up there. and made it back in time for the event at…

the cheesecake factory!  free food and booze.  good times.

we met up with my coworker J and her room-ate H.  normally, i never send anyone to the cheesecake factory.  it’s a chain restaurant, and there’s so much more to offer in San Francisco.  but some of my guests, (especially the Brits) love it–they’re probably amazed at the sheer volume of food that’s on the plate–usually enough to feed a small village for a week.

anyway, free food, champagne, etc.  and then out next stop was

smuggler’s cove (or, the bar-formerly-known-as-jade).  it’s now a tiki bar/rum bar.  it’s… okay.  it reminds me of  (the pirates of the caribbean at disney) + (long john silvers) + (captain morgan) = kind of lame.    and it takes a fuuuuuucccking long time to get a drink!  and some of the people there are the weird chubby retro guys who dress in only vintage bowling shirts , crew cuts, and clunky glasses–they kinda look like drew carey.  some of the girls are retro-50’s and fat-(ish)

people who dress only in period clothing are a little weird, at least in my experience.  (i’ll be the first one to admit i totally dress in vintage.  but i always mix it with something else. )

anyway, i musta been drunk by then, after all the free booze and the strong-ass, expensive drinks at the cove.

me and faith walked home.

but first we got pizza.

(i’ve been eating a lotta pizza lately. more on that later)

smugglers cove?  lame-ish. it’s not a place i’d hang out at. but i’d probably go there with a buncha people. maybe someone’s birthday. or maybe stop there for a drink before going on to somewhere else.  although, it’s pretty secluded. i dunno where you’d go after that. maybe to the opera.

[where: 94102]

what a weird name for a restaurant

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sat 5 sept 2009 11:10am

went to starbelly last night.  everything about it is very typical SF:

weird drinks?  check.

“local/organic/sustainable whenever possible”  ?  check.

long communal table?  check.

recycled/repurposed decor?  check.

old-style vintage lightbulbs?  check.

so i sat at the bar with CrazyCzech, and ordered some weird-ass drinks.  how weird can they be–they only have beer&wine?  try lime juice, maggi sauce, tabasco, worcestershire, and Lagunitas IPA on the rocks with a spicy salt rim?  weird.  but strangely tasty.

food is typical SF “comfort” food–basically, “expensive american” food.

corn dogs were suck-ass. all-natural hot dogs don’t really taste like anything. the mustard was kick-ass.  the homemade ketchup didn’t have enough salt or vinegar.

cheese grits were good.  not too cheesy.  salad or greens or something came along with it.  excellent.

starbelly salad–kickass!

cheese plate!  kick-ass.

oh, i had another drink, too.  it was a pimms cup.  they make it with ginger beer and a cucumber and an entire forest of rosemary. very refreshing.

afterwards, me and CrazyCzech went drinking. more on that later.

[where: 3583 16th street, san francisco, ca 94114]

drama, dinner and scandal

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sat 25 july 8:41am

i don’t know why i’m so awake this early.  i’m already dressed and ready to go to the gym!

went to see improv last night.  czechxican’s boyfriend likes to do this as a “hobby”, and homeslice and i attended, you know, in support.

this was a “herald” as they called it.  the audience screams out a topic, and they build a story based on it.  seems simple enough.  but, rather than comedy, it’s experimental drama-dy, for lack of a better explanation.  the actors were going for was “serious drama” rather than hilarious comedy. (both of which can fail miserably)

it was painful to watch at times, because it was a became embarrassing and awkward for us viewers.  at times, the three of us were huddled down in our seats, feeling the pain and awkwardness of watching a train wreck in slow motion, and knowing that there was nothing that could be done about it.

afterwards, we went to the new vineria ristorante in mint plaza, aptly named, 54Mint.  only later to find out that–gasp–it’s actually located at 16 mint plaza.

it was pretty crowded, which is understandable for a friday night at about 9:45pm.

we stand there, and the chef/owners are hangin out, schmoozing (possibly in eye-talian) with some of the bar patrons.

we check in with the hostae.  she tells us it’lll be about 10 minutes.  cool.

we retire to the bar area.

then i run into monnie.  we hug, and catch up for a second. she tells me that she just got her tooth pulled.  ouch.  there’s a downstairs wine cellar too. she’s working on the main floor. she says she’ll probably be our server. cool.

decor is cool.  light colored wood tables, lots of bright white, weird jugs of stuff on the shelves.  lots of wine bottles. various cured animals hanging from large hooks near the bar. big wheels of cheese, huge jars of different kinds of salts.

check out some photos from SFGate.

a busser of sorts asks us how long we’ve been waiting. he says he’ll get a table ready for us. it seemed a little weird. i felt like he was stealing us from the upstairs area for the downstairs.

whatever, we get sat downstairs in the wine cellar area.  it’s cool. it’s storage-slash-dining room.  i like how they don’t try to hide all their wine/dry goods storage, but rather, make it part of the decor. 

the busser-who i later find out is a “manager” seats us and starts schmoozing and blah blah blah blah by trying to perform and entertain us.

it’s one of the worst thing that a food service person can do to me.  i don’t come here to be entertained. i come here to eat. whatever.  we talk about wine and a little bit about the food.

he comes back with everyone else’s wine, and then he says something like, oh, so you’re only having water, right?  being very playful, etc. ok, no wine for you.  and then launches into descriptions of almost every single item on the menu.

meanwhile, i still don’t have my wine.

then he goes on about the olive oil and the 20year old balsamic and blah blah blah.  meanwhile, i still don’t have my wine.  i’m wondering why he’s playing so much. and then i realize he’s trying to buy time so that he can try to remember what i ordered.

another thing that i hate about food service folks.  if you don’t remember what i ordered, own up to it, rather than doing some silly song and dance to try and distract me.   and next time, use paper!

eventually our server came by and we ordered.  home slice and i shared the squid ink risotto ball and some gamberi with sea salt.  the risotto ball was actually a fried rectangle, and it was kick ass! the prawns came in their shells with the heads on.  usually i find it annoying, but this time, i found it to be very cool.  and they were delicious.  can’t remember what the other apps were at the table.  a salad and something.

next course pork belly. pretty tasty but so damn full of fat.  and also caprese salad. yummers.  there was also ravioli: light simple and very very fluffy pasta.  and pesto, but made with walnuts (?) pistachios (?) instead of pine nuts.  so it wasn’t green, it was sort of grey-ish brown.  kick ass!

dessert was chocolate something or other. rich, but very dry.  some sort of cake. and biscotti. and all the cream comes from Straus farm.

moments later, the busser/”manager” brought out a panna cotta with 20year old balsamic.  everyone was raving about how delicious the panna cotta is.  i wasn’t feeling it so much with the balsamic.

don’t get me wrong, i like balsamic. i like panna cotta. and together?  they’re…ok.  i’m not gonna have raging orgasms over it.

meanwhile, upstairs seemed like lotsa loud music and clapping and partying. i felt like we were missing out on the fun, because this busser/”manager” person stole us from upstairs.

and it took forever to get the check.

and the busser/manager kept coming back, and egging us on to drink more wine.  “come on, more wine, i’m not kidding, why not?”  meanwhile, it’s 12:45 and we’re the ONLY ones in the restaurant.    hell yeah i was ready for another drink, but it wasn’t gonna be at this place!

then he launches into another story about how he’s the “manager”, (so he claims) and the owners are drinking a lot tonight, and sorry for the long wait for a table, and some people waited for an hour, and i’ve pretty much lived at this place for for the last 3months, and i there was a server here who got fired, but then she showed up and blah blah blah blah.  STFU already, buddy.

eventually we got the check, but it took another 10 minutes for them to pick it up, and run the credit cards. this made a very long meal even longer.

overall, the food is solid, simple, clean.  and i enjoyed it. i’ll have to try it again.

on the way home, i ran into jacko.  he told me that Hell just got fired from the Restaurant.  stfu!  i’m surprised because i never thought it’d happen.  and i’m also not surprised, because he was a suck-ass manager.

i told him i just came from 54mint and i saw monnie.  he thought she didn’t work there anymore because he got a txt from her the other day asking if he knew about any jobs.  i told him that yeah, she was working, i just saw her. then me and homeslice realized that when busser/”manager” guy was talking about one of the servers who got fired, but came back, he was probably talking about monnie.



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31 may sun.

what the hell have i been doing lately? a whole lot of un-important.  mostly happy hours, i think.

tried a few new restaurants, and re-connected with old ones. tropisueno, local, extreme pizza, dim sum bar, the view, oola, farmerbrown, indian buffet.

tried some new happpy hours: perry’s, cosmopolitan cafe, roe, la mar, two, mccormick&kuletos, taco tuesday.

reacquainted myself with, and introduced myself to some of the bars and clubs around: trigger, sadlands, slide, toadhall, vessel, matrixfillmore, medjool.

reconnected with current and met some new friends: homeslice, Dave from the MidWest, czechxican, theColleague, MishyMoo, Frank

all while riding my bike around town, and sprinkling a few trips to the gym here and there. and i guess i’ve been working too.

mais oui, chez papa

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thurs 18 mar

[where: 4 mint plaza, 94103]

went to chez papa resto yesterday to partake in their $21.95 3 course prix fixe lunch special.

it’s in the mint plaza, which is a fancy name for “the-alleyway-behind-market street-off 5th-St.”  i have to say, the food is excellent.

i started with a butter lettuce salad with mustard vinaigrette dressing, fennel, and some crazy delicious herbs. CrazyCzech had a beef tartare with a teeny tiny raw egg on top.  mmmmmm

loch duarte salmon followed. yeah!  and duck leg confit for CrazyCzech.

dessert was a (what the hell do you call a flan that’s not cooked??  it’s not pot de creme, it’s called something else.  well, that’s what i had.)

to drink, i had a pastis.  basically a licorice/anise drink, with orgeat syrup.  OMG.  kick-ass!

there’s lovely outdoor seating, in the usually-warm and sunny stretch  of mint plaza. they’ve got good real estate there.  i don’t understand why it’s not more crowded.  perhaps at dinner.

the inside is like a french lounge. with tables.  it’s ornate, but nothing is pink or licght colored.  i very much enjoy the decor in there.  it’s young hip fun.

i dont think that my senior citizen guests at theHotel will enjoy it.  it’s too dark for them.

while we were finishing up lunch, the owner, manager, and other manager were having a meeting a few tables down from us.  the owner is so very typical “french-guy-in-his-early-40’s-living-in-a- major-metropolitan-city” looking: expensive jeans. expensive sneakers. black puffy jacket. somewhat spiky hair. just the right amount of scruff. sunglasses. holding a cigarette, but barely smoking it, because he’s too busy.  hilarious.  the other two  managers were dressed really well. and also quite trim. one was french, because they were all speaking french, but the tall skinny one wasn’t french, because when they all met together, they switched over to english.

i’m definitely putting this on my radar so i return here. i always forget about the other side of market street!

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