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28 january 2014.

[sidebar]: how has it been more than a year since i’ve blogged?
easy. no one blogs anymore. it’s all about tumblr, vine, snapchat, pinterest. 
and i still use twitter. i’m such a dinosaur.

los angeles thCA0L5A1Gi’m headed to LA tmrrw.  the land of the beautiful, shallow, and self-centered.  i love it.

got nothing planned. it’s Amy’s bday.

[sidebar]:  how are my YOUNG friends suddenly  becoming older? weird!

got a place in WestHollywood from airbnb.  good times.

other than that, i’ll hang out with eegs, and maybe lulu.

thats all i got for ya.

*whew* it’s exhausting to start blogging again. no wonder i only fo this once a year.



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mon 29 oct 23:55

what’s a trip to LA without spotting sub-lebrities?

. teresa strasser

David Charvet. who? you may remember him from mid-90’s Baywatch and Melrose Place.
i was in Santa Monica on sunday afternoon. going to brunch somewhere. i spotted him on Montana Ave, getting into his big mother-honkin’ SUV.

Teresa Strasser. i know her as the host from the first season of While You Were Out on TLC. these days, she’s part of the Adam Carolla morning show. i spotted her at Crunch Plaza. i was taking the elevator down to the parking garage, and she ran in and tried to go to the 3rd floor, when she realized it was a “down” elevator. she was wearing a lotta makeup, and looked kinda old. i was surprised.


i know, i know. i’m amazed that i recognize these people.


but i had actual celebrity sightings too!

Dr. McSteamy McSteamy and his wife Rebecca Gayheart


at Pizzeria Mozza on Highland, i spotted Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart dining at the bar. it was sunday night, about 8:30 pm, and crazy crazy crazy crowded. as you know, he’s Dr. McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy, and i know her from the late-’90s teen thriller, Urban Legend. people tell me that she’s on Nip/Tuck these days. whatever.

going to California

Posted in LA, travel on Saturday 27 October, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sat 27 oct 11:05

i’m going to california this weekend. (um… because SF isn’t california?)

the Donnas are playing at the Roxy. i’m excited to hang out with eeeegs. crashing with Chatty in west hollywood.

i gotta finish packing.


Posted in brunch, Eegs, hangover, LA, san francisco, SF on Sunday 8 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

my internet connection aint workin. I’m bloggin from the cafe on Geary, where I left my bike last night. no more BWI, remember?

celebrities in town today. Eeegs is coming up from LA. he’s got a gig here in SF, I guess. It’ll be good to see him, and find out how he’s been adjusting to life in California. We’re having brunch later. cool.

slightly hung over. (damn manhattans on the rocks!) went to Whiskey Thieves last night with CrazyCzech. started at Lush Lounge, but it was snoozy, so we only stayed for a drink.

i thought i had much more to write, but apparently, I don’t. 😦

headed to the gym now.

saturday in LA

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img_0005.jpgafter my flight at the ass-crack of dawn, I arrived at LAX around 8:30. made my way to the rental car, and was “ready for my close-up”. I navigated my way past Sepulveda Ave, decided to eschew the 405, and take surface streets instead. I realized that I had awoken at 3am to catch my 6:30 flight outta SFO , and my stomach reminded me it was feeding time.

After a few random turns, I came across a diner of sorts, called Grinder. on Sepulveda at Westchester. exactly what I needed. breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, turkey sausage patty and hash browns. the breakfast of the champions. all for about $6.

I got back into my Avis rental car. (Pontiac G6. with sunroof!). sweet ride. it was only about 10:30am. the clouds were lifting, and I head for the freakshow at Venice Beach.


about an hour later, (I got lost in Century City a few times) after walking through the overpasses and the canals, I arrive at the boardwalk, or the concrete. gawked at the meat heads at Muscle Beach for a little bit, bought a new pair of aviator shades, and then settled in to increase my chances of melanoma for a few hours. (of course I wore sunscreen!)

Frank called me when she got in. she wants to freshen up a little. we agree to meet up later. a few hours go by, and we meet up at our hotel on Sunset. Don’t get too excited. it wasn’t theStandard or the Mondrian or anything.

We decide to get some food somewhere in WestHollywood. driving around a little, we stumble upon Basix Cafe, where I had my first sub-lebrity sighting: Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model. I know. you can hardly contain your excitement. but I have better sightings, during this trip, really!

after lunch we hit Melrose Ave. I got a belt buckle and a leather wrist cuff, and Frank got a pillbox from some vendor who set up shop in the parking lot next to a store called SLOW (?).

We hit Wasteland, and Crossroads over there, too, and hung out for a while, got a coffee, and watched the show of passersby on Melrose.

Went to dinner that night at Katsu-Ya in Studio City. (Is that the Valley?) kick ass, creative sushi. specials were a crispy riceball something, scallops with foie gras, some spicy stuff, etc. etc. yummers. me and Frank split a large Sapporo.

Met up with Eegs after dinner. Tried to go to Winston’s, but the bouncer kept explaining the drama. “You guys put me in a really awkward situation here, showing up at midnight on Saturday expecting to get in. I’ve got larger private parties coming and I’m almost at capacity. I can’t keep the bar empty until midnight and then everyone arrives and expects to get in…” whatever. save the drama for the soap operas, Homeboy.

We ended up going to Jones, where Frank was promptly hit on my some loser 40something who claimed to be Bing Crosby’s grandson. LAMERS.

wed 20 June 23:52

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shallow. self-centered. gorgeous.

Posted in LA on Monday 18 June, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

I love LA.
because I too, am shallow, self-centered and gorgeous. 😉

it’s warm. people are beautiful.

traffic sucks though. food ok, but what do you expect in a town full of eating disorders?

did some shopping. Scored at the Crossroads on Melrose.
Noticed that hipster guys are sporting ‘staches, and killer mullets. They look like rednecks from Alabama, ‘cept that they’re wearing $300 jeans, and $170 t-shirts.

LA women try to wear as little as possible. Whether or not it’s a good look for them. sky high stilettos too. Toto, we’re not in SF anymore. and I love it.

beautiful people everywhere! Even the ugly people are beautiful. Everyone is constantly posing, primping, preening.

mon 18 June 11:47

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I booked my tix to LA. I’m leaving on Saturday morning at the ass-crack of dawn. Strangely, my flight + car was less than than booking a flight alone. weird. It’s last-minute web fare. I ain’t complaining.

Had to do some finagle-ing. I picked up stole a shift from DonnyG. (Thurs.) Then, I gave away Sat and Sun to theBrit. which leaves me free to go to LA with Frank. (in retrospect, I probably should stay here this weekend, and not spend so much damn money that I know I WILL spend in LA, but… money is meant to be enjoyed sometimes.)

I was supposed to hang out with HomeSlice tomorrow night, but she’ll have to deal.

stopped into Slide after work tonight. DJ Solomon was playing again. with Chris Clouse. I much prefer it when DJ Solomon plays solo. I’m not so into the guitar-y sound. just saying.

got a pair of pants fixed in Chinatown earlier today. only cost $3. there was a small tear above my left knee on a pair of G-Star pants. G-Star stuff, although looks great, is suck-ass quality, considering how fucking-A expensive it is. Glad I only buy it on supersale. 😛

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