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what’s the capital of scotland?

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it was another exhausting saturday night at the concierge desk. i had worked alongside dar. [as you remember, (or not),  she, her BayAreaBoyfriend, and Aries and I became total BFF during the employee trip to SixFags a few weeks back.]

anyway, where was i? dar totally scored a tons of stuff (luggage, purses, clothes, wine) from hotel guests who were moving–or something like that, and earlier that day she met lotsa people from her alma mater, so she was on a high after work. she felt like she had just been on a game show!

she and i decided to celebrate with a drink. she called BayAreaBoyfriend, and he’d been drinkin at theEdinburgh Castle since about 6pm.  we get there, and the dance floor is hoppin, the DJ is pumpin tunes from the late90s and early 00s. (YEAH!)

i was surprised at how much fun i was having. because I always remember Edinburgh Castle as a place of beer-from-taps-that-haven’t-been-cleaned-since-the-place-opened-in-the-70s; and boring-as-fuck trivia nights. bleah. (even though, according to their website, it’s been voted the best trivia night several years running. *what-EVER*)

anyway, it was fun to listen to late 90s early 00s throwback. (thong song, mariah carey, destiny’s child!) and the several shots of jamesons certainly fueled the fun.

CrazyCzech met us after work, and some random friends stopped by too. several drinks later, the consensus was to go sing karaoke. (kara-OKAY!!). it gets a little hazy here–BayAreaBoyfriend was being aggressive–dar tells us it’s a common occurence–i suggest that perhaps its a result of all the testosterone pumping through his little body. she is only somewhat amused. they leave to get some food into him, and the other two are rounding up some alcohol–i think.

suddenly, it’s me and crazyczech. so we have another beer. (a kilt-lifter for me. it’s a local brew!)

next comes pizza, and lotsa gummi bears, and the next morning, a slightly hungover blogger.

good times.




li po

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10 feb 2012.

no, we’re not talking elective plastic surgery to extract fat from your body. for that, see: liposuction.

we’re talking Li Po, everyone’s favorite chinese dive bar in SF.

click above to see photo credits: Telstar Logistics

i hadn’t seen aries in a while, and we were both working the PM shift. so we met up after work.

sidebar: has anyone else noticed that drinks have suddenly become way more expensive at this place? and what’s with the cocktail menu?

apparently, there’s a nightclub/dancefloor downstairs, although i’ve never been.  it was closed that night, and neither aries nor i particularly wanted to dance.

one or two drinks turned into four, and soon it was well past 1am, and we found our way to my canh (i think that’s what it’s called) for some most excellent pho. i’ve never order the same thing there (all three times that i’ve been) and this time was no different.

this time, it was a combo seafood rice plate of sorts.

when it arrived, i was slightly disappointed at first, but quickly realized the bounty of sauces available to me: fish sauce; sri racha; hot pepper flake/red sauce; hoisin…  **yummers** the possibilities were endless!

we chowed down. and overall, nothing much to report. but it was totes fun to hang out with a friend and not be a complete, bumbling, stumbling,  drunk idiot.

good times!

the ‘hoe!

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15 feb 2011. 

me and crazyczech are going to the ‘hoe tomorrow! haven’t been in a few weeks, and it hasn’t snowed there in about a month. *GASP*

this time, we’re going to heavenly in the south ‘hoe. should be good times!

dive bar crawl

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thurs 3 feb 2011

i was off yesterday. i went to aries’ place to pick up my bag of stuff that didn’t sell when i tried selling to crossroads last week. i drove him to work. since i had the car, i drove around a little. realized that it was a nice day in SF–sunny and fog-free.

“what the hell am i doing driving around?”  i thought to myself.

i return the car and ride around the mission/castro/dolores park area. i have a hankering for sushi, so i go to webe sushi. eventually, i end up at buffalo (s)exchange. exciting things abound over there. did you know that they’ve made the switch from analog to digital in terms of issuing certificates for trade?

well, they’ve made the switch from analog to digital in terms of issuing certificates for trade.

wow. i bought some crap i don’t need, and also a present for aries. i hope he likes it.

i ride around some more, without a destination, without a purpose.

i tap out a message on my cell phone:
off 2nite. whos around 2drink w/ me 2nite?

i select JMcD, CJo, JNayNay, Mikeytown and hit SEND.

i wander on my bicycle, and let the streets lead me. up, down around and over. without realizing, i end up near the castro. and suddenly i have to pee like a motherfucker. *fuck* i briefly consider going into one of the many bars down there to take a leak, but decide it’d be counter-productive. i’d have to buy a drink, which will in-turn, lead me to pee some more. and the endless cycle starts.

as i ponder my conundrum, JNayNay calls.
“me me me!” is the answer to my txt.

we decide on Casanova.
it’s happy hour, and a hibiscus cooler is on special for 5 bucks! i have no idea what the hell a hibiscus cooler is, but it sounds light and refreshing. later i watch the bartendress make the drink, only to discover that it’s Stoli Ohranj and cranberry, shaken. but who cares. it’s deeeee-licious. i’m wearing my northstar at tahoe firefighters association t-shirt as i overhear 2 people debating whether or not i was an actual firefighter.

(uh, obvi, i’m totally not. they don’t make firefighters in my size. 38R. they usually come in larger sizes like XL or XXL.)

hilarious nonetheless.  some other random guy stopped me when i was at the bar and asked me, pointing to my firefighters tshirt, if i worked at northstar.

wow. i never realized the power of tshirt advertising. it’s better than facebook. (someone should harness this power stat.)  are you listening, marketing people?

soon thereafter, emmy meets us, and more drinking ensues.

and before i know it, me and JNayNay are eating chinese food at Big Lantern. it’s the best american-style chinese food in the mission! we order excellent faux-chinese dishes like sesame chicken! and they have dim sum too!  at night!  (i know, how dreadfully exciting! )

our american chinese feast comes to an end, complete with a bottle of reisling–we are sooooo luxurious.

eventually, i meet up with aries. we try to go to the Burritt Room but its too damn crowded. we walk up the hill to chelsea place.  it’s sad and depressing in there, and the korean(ish) bartendresses barely speak english. but they know enough to charge $8 for a drink the size of a thimble. capitalism at its best–ya gotta love the free market system.

we finished our shotglass-sized drinks in a few sips.

we needed somewhere divey with divebar prices, (not schmancy bar prices!)…

summer place it is!

summer place is everything you always wanted in a dive bar–weird, random decor, an old fireplace, video games. and you can smoke inside. (excellent! i can destroy my liver AND get my fill of second-hand smoke at the same time! it doesn’t get better! )

3 drinks or so later, we’re stumbling home–yet we find ourselves at the pinecrest. (didn’t i JUST have dinner with JNayNay?–yes, but that doesn’t matter now, does it?). i proceeded to order a plate of chicken wings with a side of fries.

we discussed the german tourist murder from the past summer, amongst other things.

and thats where my memory gets all swiss-cheese-y.

although, i totally had fun!  YES!

collective thoughts

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28 jan 2011 friday.

i went on a bender last night with aries.  what the hell, it was thursday night, and i hadn’t drank since at least, uh, monday. 

(sidebar: monday we went to the midnight sun and the mix and apparently also went to moby dicks.  i crashed over there, and the next morn, we tried to piece the night together via my twitters and txts.  apparently, fernet was involved.  ’nuff said.)

so we started at the LushLounge.  a few manhattans-on-the-rocks later, the blazing lights of last call and a freshly poured shot of fernet was staring me . 

we were smart enough to go home.  (or so i thought.)

somehow, we think it’s a good idea to go to the grubstake. (but really, isn’t it always a good idea to go to the grubstake?–verde fire sauce:  yum-mmers!)  

at the grubstake, i run into one of the former cocktail servers from the RWR. since it’s 2am, we’re fully intoxicated. thus we are BFF.  we hug. we kiss.  we hug again.  (because we love each other… duh!)

in other news, i’ve been working a lot lately.  between this job and covering shifts at the former job, i’ve been working quite a few double shifts = 16hour days.  exhausting.  i’m crazy. 

but it all works out in the end, because it’s Amy’s bday this week.  CrazyCzech and I are going to LA to celebrate with her at six fags, i mean, six flags.  good times!  employee rate wasn’t avail at current hotel, but i got the employee rate at former hotel.   kick-ass.  and car rental will be provided by zipcar.  (look at me, single-handedly saving the world through car sharing. i rule!)

i went snowboarding A LOT in december.  i also visited the fam in vega$.  (they didn’t annoy me so much this time)

snowboarding again, solo.  then again with the CrazyCzechs. and met more of them who were on assigment visiting from Flori-duh.  

after all this hanging out with people, i went on a mucn-needed sabbatical. re-organized my photos/apt/life and didn’t talk to a damn person for 2 days. 

although, JNayNay and I went out on a date because we love each other.  we started out at the hi tide, and went to gitane.

omg. speaking of hi tide!  justin theroux was at the hotel the other day, and one of our cocktail servers totally hooked up with him.  nothing major. they kissed. he invited her to his hotel room.  SCANDALOUS.

a couple months ago, JNayNay and i went on a bender in the marina.  bluelight, Liverpool lil’s, and final final.  good times.

a few weeks back, i went out with JMcD. haven’t seen him in a while.  so we went to the Tempest. 3 drinks later, i was drunk-a-licious.

new year’s eve, me and CrazyCzech went to boooootieSF (which had a line that was waaaaaayyyyy tooooooo long even though we already bought tix–such bullshit) and trigger.  good good times.  a great way to kick-start 2011.

there’s much more to say. and maybe ill say more of it later.

when a drink becomes 5

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fri  10.29.2010

aries and I went out the other night, because well, it was wednesday, and we’d both gotten outta work at about the same time.  why the hell not?

“Just one drink” we said.

started at the Marriott UnionSquare.  then moved to the BurrittRoom.  and then a nightcap at minx. and then 5 or 6 drinks later, the bars were closed, and we were hangin out in my apt having crazy fun till about 5am.  i’ll leave it at that.
good times.

you sexy little minx

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last week, me, J, and JMcD (my friends from the OtherHotel)  decided that it’d been too long since we’d all drank together.

we all worked till 11pm that nite, and met up at minx.  in a former life, minx was the RedRoom at the Hotel Commodore.  in its new incarnation, its a too-cool for skool dive bar.  fabu-lash.

it was good times! i don’t remember what the hell we talked about, but i started with a shot of fernet. (no wonder).  we heard about the new boy the J went on a date with.  he’s the manager at huf. several drinks later, she had enough sense to leave, but JMcD and i continued to drink until we couldn’t drink anymore.

and i think we got pizza.  glad i live just a few blocks away

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