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zuni brunch

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19 march thurs

[where: 1658 market, 94102]

went to zuni on sunday for brunch with frank and MishyMoo. it’s fun to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. MishyMoo just got her green MBA, and was in town for a networking event of sorts.  VanJones (info here, because i didn’t know who he was, either,) has  apparently just accepted a position as a white house adviser.  he was a speaker at her event.  exciting.

frank is gonna move back to ny, probably in the fall.

i had a ceasar salad (surprisingly enormous) and a pizza w anchovy/pine nuts/white cheese/oliveoil/rapini (?)  can’t remember.

but what i DO remember is the bloody mary.  not the best one i’ve had, but it was an excellent blend of spicy/tangy/horseradish-y/onion-y.  (and i don’t like onions!)

MishyMoo’s teeny tiny salad of greens seemed disapointing for the price. although her pasta with pork sugo was kick-ass.  frank’s sausage and eggs were, well, sausage and eggs.

good times.


who says the party has to end?

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went to Lime today with Ro, CrazyCzech and HomeSlice.

Lime is fun fun fun. it was like being at a cluuuub, except in the middle of the day! super-loud music (being played by an old lady DJ!), lots of booze, hot people. an excellent way to spend a sunday.

our favorite server was there, too. Mikhail. he’s from Normandy. he’s worked there for years. it’s nice that he’s still there. and to think, me, plo, and ro used to go there back in the day, and there was never anyone there! i like to think that we were instrumental in making that place what it is today.

i had much more to say, but i can’t focus at the moment.
i must get my finances in order, for i must applicate for a BelowMarketRate condo here in the ‘Loin!

after several mimosas, we decided to watch the end of Italy v. Spain in the EuroCup 2008.

we went to the Lookout. it used to be called the Metro.

either way, we watched there… and it went into overtime, and then finally into shootout/penalty kicks. very stress-inducing. Spain won. and the next match is on wed.  Germany v Turkey.  we’re gonna watch somewhere near downtown.  good times!

drunk brunch

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mon 18 feb

me plo and ro went to drunk brunch yesterday at Lime!

haven’t been there in a few months. this party has taken on a life of its own! it was like a cluuuub! beyonce, amy winehouse, alicia keys, kanye, justin, britney, were all pumpin outta the speakers.

it’s a great party! lotsa booze, loud music, fun people.

apparently, you must wear your sunglasses. even though it’s indoors. and daytime.

i even witnessed a “walk-off”. two guys were dueling via catwalk a la project runway season 2. to borrow from ANTM, it was fierce.

and… i’m way too hungover to write anything more. went out last night with CrazyCzechs and the CrazyCzechBrother.

more on that later in the week, when i recover.

[where: 2247 market, 94114]

sunday brunch

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tues 12 feb

jamie and i went to andalu for brunch on sunday. it was great.

food was well priced, less than 10bucks for entrees!

we started with this cambazola cheese fondue. delicious. with apples and pears.

the servers there are all women. and all very lesbionic looking.

the clientele is typical mission hipster.

i’ve noticed that mission hipsters are very different than your run-of-the-mill tenderloin hipster.

it’s hard to describe. from what i can see, mission hipsters are younger, and more vintage/thrift store oriented, in terms of clothes and overall look. not that tenderloin hipsters aren’t the same. but they’re slightly different. sounds crazy, but that’s what i see.

btw, jamie’s hair is still very very dry. would it kill her to use conditioner once in a while? although, i think she takes great pride in not being overly concerned with her appearance.


[where: 3198 16th St, San Francisco 94103]

superbowl brunch

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mon 3 feb

yesterday me and plo and Ro went to brunch at Colibri. yummers.

excellent mexi-brunch. paired with sangria, it was totally fun. and then afterwards, we went to cuppa joe’s for some more hangin out and relaxing before i had to go to work. dammit.
and i totally don’t have the flu. feeling fine! excellent!

[where: 438 geary, san francisco, ca]


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mo, savagelytan, and milhaus

sat 19 jan

went to the 718 again with SavagelyTan, Mo, and Milhaus. this time we were in DUMBO, and had brunch at Bubby’s. there’s one in TriBeCa, too. same thing. good food. kinda expensive for what it was. bloody mary’s were kick ass, though.

afterwards, we went to jacque torres chocolate. excellent chocolate chip cookies.

it was fucking-A cold again, but we walked around brooklyn heights anyway. it was like i was seeing NY for the first time. i wanted to throw my hat up in the air and spin around in circles. but i didn’t.

[where: 1 main street, 11201]


are you famous?

Posted in brunch, celebrities, Eegs, sub-lebrities on Monday 30 July, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

30 July 8:35

just came back from breakfast with eegs. he had a photo shoot this morning. wow, these early morning call-times would kill me. i’m glad he’s the actor, and i’m just along for the ride.

at breakfast, this Asian woman comes up to him, and says something along the lines of:

“excuse me, sorry to bother you. are you a Korean actor?”

“no, i’m not.”

“oh, i see. is it okay if my friend takes a picture of you?”


i told him he should get used to it, because he’s going to be famous one day. 🙂

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