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what the… ?

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… fuck happened the other night?

it was wed. 9 feb 2011.

it starts as it usually does. concierge event.   free booze, free food, good times!

two events were scheduled at the wharf at the same time.  one at the Franciscan, and the other at McCormick&Kuletos. rather than choose between events with free food and booze, i went to both of them.  (research, people! it’s only fair to the venues.)

first, CrazyCzech and i were at happy hour at Puccini. not ideal, but its close to his place of work. some fries and pizza and meatballs. oh, and 2 glasses of sparkling wine! (ugh, no wonder i was so drunk. read on, you’ll get the idea)

now, on to the event. aries was gonna go with me, but he had other stuff going on, so i txt JNayNay. she met me at the wharf.

first stop, theFranciscan. big eye-talian and seafood restaurant at pier 43 1/2. sweeping views of the bay and alcatraz. and if you crane your neck to the west, you can see the golden gate bridge. the event was sponsored by where magazine, and most of the concierge and hospitality community were in attendance.  after a few minutes, i saw my BFF concierges from the hyatt,  eye and maz–whom i love love love, btw!  i wasnt drinking anything complicated–sparkling wine with guava juice, quelle tropicale! food was coming fast and furiously. pictures were being snapped. i felt like san francisco glitterati.

an hour into the event, i’d had 2 sparkling wine with guava juice things, and part of JNayNay’s fruit-a-licious rum drink. more of the concierges suddenly appeared. hm, they must have been at the other event. now’s the time to make a move!  said the voices in my head.

me, JNayNay, eye, maz, and flo, all head over to McCormick&Kuletos. not too crowded, and i recognize a few other hospitality people. bar’s still open,  and wine and specialty cocktails are flowing freely. good times.  the bunch of us snag some real estate at a small table and proceed to discuss how intoxicated we all were the last time we got together, and that it’s par for the course for a concierge event. we talked to the manager, the events person, the host, etc. etc. etc.  more wine, and then more sparkling wine.  yeah!

8:00pm rolled around, (full on 30 minutes after the event ended) and we departed McCormicks. our destination: the bar-formerly-known-as-the-DirtyMartini, and currently-known-as TheParlor. Eye offered to buy the first round. and then somehow we had another. we become BFF with the bartender because we’re in the industry, (and probably because we’re the only ones in the place, ‘cept for 2 other drunkards at the bar.) in a fit of over-animation, Eye spills the last bit of  his Junipero martini, and since the bartender is our BFF, he buys everyone a round. *urgh*

this is when everything starts to get haaaaa-zzzzzzz-yyyyyy.

as we finish our free round, we’re discussing our next place of imbibement. we want somewhere fun! and cheap! with strong drinks!  ok, the cinch it is.

we pile into a cab (or so they tell me). and we drink more. and btw, it’s only 9:00pm. eye tries to pay with a CC 2x, and shot down each time, because the bar is cash-only. at one point JNayNay returned from the restroom to find shots of fernet lined up for everyone. (oh… em… gee…)

somehow, Maz’s ex GF arrives, and she’s the butchier than any of the chromosonal males who are present.

this is when it gets reeeeeeealllllly.  hazy. so, bullet-points include: 

JNayNay tries to leave repeatedly. we don’t allow her. CrazyCzech runs into us, as we’re leaving theCinch. we go to LushLounge. i have no recollection of this.  a few drinks later, we stumble to blur. i still have no recollection of this. we finish drinking (or so we thought), and our posse disbands.

apparently, we go to RBar. i try to hold it together, and order a corona. i hardly drink it.

next thing i know, it’s 10am the next morning, and i’m in my bed.  wtf happened?


for my next trick, the Cliff House Infusion

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Monday 11.8.10

OMG.  I must stop drinking so much.

on tuesday 11.2.2010 went out with aries.  didn’t do much, but we hung out at my place with our friend KetelOne Citron.  good times.

on wednesday 11.3.2010, it was hella warm outside.  Los Gigantes had just won the world series and the entire town was coming off a high from the victory parade earlier that day.

i pretty much did nothing the rest of the day.  i luxuriated. i may have talked on the phone. i don’t remember.  it was one of those lazy days off.

that night, I went to a concierge event at the Cliff House where I learned all about the history of  the Sutro Baths

oh, and free appetizers and free wine/champagne.  thanks, Where Magazine!
i heart my job.

i left the place, and rode my bicycle back downtown. this time, not even a bit intoxicated. wow.

there was another event that evening to which i’d already RSVPd –a private party sponsored by Absolut with free drinks from 7-10pm at Infusion Lounge but didn’t have any desire to go.  Infusion Lounge, although an excellent space to go clubbing, attracts a ghetto-ass crowd more suited for Suite 181.   i know.  eeew.

i was slowly riding down geary st, exploring theMid.

(sidebar) i really need to hang out in theMid more often.  It’s so very mid-century  over there.  lotsa old neon, and old skool bars, restaurants, shops.  its like traveling through time.

CrazyCzech txtd me in the middle of my time-travel, and we decide to meet at Infusion.

we arrive at about 9pm, and are greeted with a line about 15 people long. after a little  hemming and hawing with the door people, I use my oh-so-powerful position as a concierge to get us in without waiting in line. excellent.  membership has its privileges.

the place is crowded, and it’s 9pm.  only an hour left for the open bar.  so we get some Absolut-sponsored drinks.  music: not bad. stuff you’d hear on the radio.  the cluuuuub itself is cool.  mostly red.  nice space.

a few leftover Giants fans are peppered throughout the club, I see some celebratory tshirts and caps and jerseys.

i notice their booze locker, and club photog approaches us and starts to ramble on and on about bottle service with locker. some crap about if you don’t finish your bottle, they’ll keep it for you, etc. etc.  then he asks to take our picture.  ok, weird photo guy.

last call for free booze is at 9:57pm.  of course we drink some more.   and then we order another round–but this time we pay.

we exit the club and it’s only about 10:30pm.  and the question of the night… do we go out some more?

YES is the answer.

we jump in a cab and head for starbelly, but to our disappointment, it’s already closed. or closing. or something.  i couldn’t really tell, as i was already well on my way to intoxication-ville.

we forego food and decide that it’s a perfectly good idea to drink instead of eat.  (of course.)

we stop at Moby Dick, to  drink and hang out. i like it there.  i start to get flashbacks from the first time i met Aries. weird.

next stop. badlands.  it’s wednesday and it’s not too crowded. fun fun fun. (but honestly, after 6  drinks, anything is fun fun fun.)

we enter the badlands and order an irish car bomb.  this is when my memory is like swiss cheese. i get flashes of being on the dance floor.  and then later a cab. and then my apt. and some fun ensues.

the next morning, there’s a cute stranger on my couch, and CrazyCzech is laying next to me.

OMG. my poor liver.

seemingly insipid

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23 october 2010.

it started out as a low-key monday in late september. (it always does, doesn’t it?) who knew that it would escalate into an all-night binge of debauchery and emotion?

for whatever reason, i worked teacher’s hours that morning,  7am-3pm, which allowed me to attend the concierge event later that night at starbelly in the castro.  I’d been there before, but only for drinks.

i departed from the confines of the Hotel at 3pm. i’m rarely off at this time, and was a little unsure as to how to spend my newly found afternoon free. it was 80+ degrees outside, so i decided that outdoor luxuriation was going to be my main focus.  i rode around north beach, chinatown, and eventually ended by riding along the embarcadero. there is primo luxuriation real estate near the arrow.  the clock tower struck 5pm, and i was still there. the event started at 5:30pm.  i’d been riding my bike around town, and thought that a shower was in order before attending this event. luckily, the Crunch was right across the street, but it took me at least another 30 minutes before i motivated anywhere.

by the time i got to starbelly, it was about 6:30.  a few of the concierges were already there, including Eye and Maz, who i met at the wine country event the week prior.  i was glad, because i like them.  my former coworker LSan, and my replacement, Oz; my current manager, DR; and Association Prez (irritating) were there.  hellos and hugs were exchanged, and i started imbibing.

pimms cup was my drink of choice. after all, it was hot out,

click here to see where i got this image from!

and pimms cup are pretty light on the booze.  unless, of course, you drink 3 of them in the span of an hour. (-_-)

the event ended, and since we were in the Castro, me, Isaac, and Marie went to Qbar to partake in their 2-for-1 monday drink special.  we even got LSan to come with us.  however, she had enough sense to leave after drink #1, to go home and watch the season premiere of House. how smart of her. if only i’d known.

well, several rounds of drinks later, it was only 9pm.  and we were drunk. drunk. drunk.

so, like any self-respecting drunktards, we went to Badlands. Maz had 2 friends join us, so our drunk-tourage (entourage) was getting larger, and more intoxicated.

Badlands had $2 special on rolling rock. (yep, just what we needed!)  as a result, all of it was an incredible blur. although, somehow, we left badlands, because….

the next thing i realize, i’m in someone’s apt, drinking, playing and carrying on like i’m still in my 20s.

apparently, the night went something like this:

badlands.  moby dick.  chatting.  meet friends.  hit it off.  last call. back to new friends’ place.  drink some more.  upstairs, downstairs.  more playing.  phone call from mom at 4:15am.  turns out that my lola passed away.  call mom back, heavily intoxicated. lots of crying. more drinking. crashed at friends place. wake up the next morning. hung over as FUCK.

Aries, (my new BFF) recounts the night to me.  and even i’m surprised at the debauchery.

we spend the morning (and afternoon) trying to piece together the events that lead up to the present.  it was like playing “clue” in reverse. i discover that me and Aries have lots in common. he’s cool.  and i like hanging out with him.

i realize that i have to fly back to NY that afternoon/evening.  mother fucker. why am i so hungover?  and what’s with the swiss cheese memory?  (apparently, that’s what happens when you start drinking at 6:30pm.  and partake in monday night drink specials.)

anyway.  i’m glad it all happened, because it was fun.  and i made a new friend.but maybe next time, i won’t partake in so many 2-for-1 drink specials.

i head for the location of where (i think and hope!) my bike is still parked and locked.  and  there it was… just where i’d left it. excellent.

good times.

i gotta feeling…

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tonight’s gonna be a good night!

after starbelly last night, went drinking in the castro.

toad hall, badlands, qbar, trigger.

and i heard this song several times.

and its still damn good.

afterwards, i went to CJo’s new place in NorthBeach and drank some more. stopped at CrazyCzechs place on the way home–mostly uphill!

[where: 94114]

c’mon get happy!

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me and my alma mater got together for happy hour the other night.

well, let me clarify. it wasn’t an official BUYAHH event. <–the acronym is SO queer, but i enjoy saying it. there were only 4 of us in attendance. me, marky, seedling, and larry.  and special cameo appearance by red.  (frank, unfortunately, couldn’t make it this time.  we’ll try next time, frank!).

we met up. chatted. laughed.  drank.  ate.  eventually, our group got smaller.  larry went to go see the new harry potter movie.  and red went home to change before she went on a bender thru chinatown <–more on that later.

me and seedling and marky went to drink some more at columbus cafe.  i’ve never been there before. and i realize it’s because i’m not white, nor only 5 years outta college. but oh, if i were, then i’d be there all the time!  everyone was a carbon copy of each other.  so many suits!  it was like the marina, but  south.

anyway, it was 2-fer-1 beers.  we got a seat and watched the entertainment unfold in front of us.  seedling got a sneak peek at guy-sitting at the bar’s txt to some random chick.  i unsuccesfully tried to navigate 2 drunk girls to the money pit for the photo booth.  turns out that all they had to do was look between their legs.  literally.  the bill acceptor was underneath where they were sitting.  but they were so damn drunk they didn’t notice.

somehow, seedling left us, and it was me and marky.

we went to tony nik’s. and had another drink.

and we decided to call it a night–until i remembered that i had to retrieve my bike, which still sat locked in front of our first stop of the night–iluna basque.

that was the death of me.

i unlock my bike. and as we walk towards the bus stop, we decide, what the hell.  lets stop into the chinatown bar and see how the bender is going.

this is where it starts to get,  uh…    -=~hazy~=-

we stop into li-po. crowded. with advertising people. it was fun.

we have a drink.

and then i think we ordered another one (?)

and suddenly, like a flash mob. the entire bar empties out.  apparently, they’ve all headed to the next place.

and the bar, suddenly silent, feels like 1:45am, and it’s barely 9:30pm.

a few minutes later, (or maybe 20 minutes later, i dunno–you know how you lose all sense of time when you drink  a lot?) we finish up and walk outside and find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a drunken ad agency, in the middle of chinatown.

somehow, we become honorary employees, and find ourselves at the next bar. fun!

and we had, uh,  two more drinks there ?  (~_~)  i think.

later, fast forward to riding the 1-California bus.

and several hours later, it’s morning, and i wake up to find myself in my bed.

good times.


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31 may sun.

what the hell have i been doing lately? a whole lot of un-important.  mostly happy hours, i think.

tried a few new restaurants, and re-connected with old ones. tropisueno, local, extreme pizza, dim sum bar, the view, oola, farmerbrown, indian buffet.

tried some new happpy hours: perry’s, cosmopolitan cafe, roe, la mar, two, mccormick&kuletos, taco tuesday.

reacquainted myself with, and introduced myself to some of the bars and clubs around: trigger, sadlands, slide, toadhall, vessel, matrixfillmore, medjool.

reconnected with current and met some new friends: homeslice, Dave from the MidWest, czechxican, theColleague, MishyMoo, Frank

all while riding my bike around town, and sprinkling a few trips to the gym here and there. and i guess i’ve been working too.

wine, whine, why?

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sun 5 apr

went to a concierge event the other night.  it was a wine tasting event at LeCluuuuuub.  and it was sponsored by Artesa winery.

a few years ago, i went to Artesa Winery. it’s on a hill, with lotsa art. my friends and i felt it was a little creepy. and then we decided that it was some sort of weird cult. probably scientologists. so we high-tailed it outta there.

the tasting was fine. the usual concierges were there. and i also met a wife of a LesConcierge.  it was okay.

while i was there, the concierges told me about another wine event that was happening at the PressClub.  i had no idea about it, but after the event at LeClub (which ended conveniently at 7pm). i headed over to the PressClub (which conveniently began at 7pm).

while there, i met more and more of my colleagues from other hotels. and we talked shop for a while.  discovering that no one was making any money at the moment.  at least i’m not the only one.

fast forward a few hours and i’m drunk. and i haven’t eaten more than 2 teeny tiny crackers with some paste spread onto it.  oh yes.  i’m druuuuunk.

somehow, me and the concierges from the St.Regis decide that it’s a great idea to continue drinking wine at Hotel Biron wine bar. (hellllooo?)

(this is where things begin to get hazy.)

we musta taken a cab to Biron…

and i shared a bottle of wine with my new BFF from the St.Regis.–K? and i met a sous chef, also from StR. and another concierge.

and we continued to drink.

and i’m getting flashes of kissing, i think. and some stroking.

what a fucking mess.

morning came too early. and i tried to piece together the night.

i won’t go into details.

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