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quite possibly the gayest thing you could ever do on monday night, showtunes/musical mondays night at theEdge.

and it’s 2-for-1 drinks night, too. dangerous.

i went with aries, and we ran into kids from the OtherHotel.


i just got flashbacks to this:



and this:








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monday 11 april 2011.

it’s busy at the hotel tonight.  there’s some convention in town. and lots of stupid-ass people, with stupid ass problems that are not necessarily concierge-related, but they call me to help them anyway: 

– i’m at pier 40, and i can’t get a cab.

– your wireless is slow.

– i lost my phone in a cab. can you call the cab company and have the driver bring it here?  why aren’t they calling me back? i need that phone!

– where can we eat that’s good? we’ll eat anything. 
no, we don’t want sushi.
no, we’re vegetarian.
no, we don’t want italian
no, we don’t want american.
etc. etc. etc.

in other news, i’m working at the Other Hotel tomorrow in the am, because Lana is on vay-cay.

in other, other news, except for the stupid-ass people, i kind of enjoy the busy-ness of it here.  the DJ is pumpin!

and in other, other, other news, i’m going to the ‘hoe again on wednesday! good times!

the meeting of the minds

Posted in annoying, friends, rant, work on Wednesday 22 July, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

22 july 1:06am

went to a concierge association meeting earlier this evening.

good food.

some concierges are really full of themselves, and can be very condescending.

i gave the membership director a piece of my mind, and pointed out errors in the website and basically made glaring references to areas they’ve neglected.   we are only as good as our resources available to us, and there haven’t been very many resources or information provided to me via the website.

and i listened while we discussed things like integrity and ethics–supposedly, we’re not allowed to accept incentive plans.  like the one from the restaurant in the mun-NOCK-o. but i don’t understand how that’s different than our receiving commissions based on the tours that we book?

i also met some new vendors.  it’s always good to have more options.

i thought i had more to say. but i can’t remember it at the moment.

when i got back to my property, i saw the FD Mgr from the mun-NOCK-o.  and earlier i saw several other kimpton bigwigs, who can be quite pompous and irritating, too.  i’m glad i’m a concierge, and i don’t plan to climb up the ladder any further.

boobs came in to say hello.  but i was on the phone.

she and her friend went into the bar.

when i popped in to say hi, there was an old guy with them.  apparently, he’s a frequent guest at the JayDub.

and god-fucking-dammit! i have to work tomorrow at 7:00am! covering for L, because she got called for jury duty.





Posted in annoying, rant on Monday 6 April, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

6 april mon

i just got a note from my bank.  Shittybank.  (citibank).

it’s a warning letter telling me that i have excessive transactions on my account.  and by excessive, they mean more than 6.

and if this happens a few more times, my account will be closed.

what. the fuck. such bullshit!!

what is this stupid-ass law about? more than six transactions gets you a warning letter and possible termination?

do they want to drive me to another bank?  because i can take my business elsewhere, motherfuckers!

ugh.  or i may have to change the type of savings account… such drama. for nothing.

server crash

Posted in annoying, hotel, san francisco with tags , on Thursday 2 April, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

computer systems totally crashed and burned (again) the other night at work. it was about 7pm, and i was just coming back from dinner break.  i noticed that General Manager, and Front Office Manager and Restaurant Manager were frantically trying to get someone from tech support on the phone. (which, turned out not to be working properly–the phone, that is)

in the midst of all this, of course, several people arrived at the same time to check-in.

our phones, computers, internet, guest folio systems, key cutting, restaurant operating systems had all grinded to a halt. ouch.

i was really glad that General Manager and Front Office Manager happened to be staying late that night.

all i had to do was stand by, and let them tell me what to do.


i also noticed that Restaurant Manager and Restaurant Assistant Manager, although slightly inconvenienced, didn’t have to do a damn thing to get the systems up and running, because it was a hotel-wide issue.

i couldn’t help but be annoyed that these managers didn’t have to deal with the hell that is a system crash.

and i’m glad i have nothing to do with any of this stuff.

it’s nice to be a concierge.

## crash ##

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is what i heard yesterday afternoon coming from the walk-in closet, as i left the apt.

didn’t think anything of it.

till i got home.

a bolt, or screw, or support beam of sorts dislodged itself from my shelving unit, causing the whole shelf to come crashing down, taking all the clothes with it.

**sigh** i’ve been spending the better part of the day trying to get it back together, and find bits of bracket/support/screw/etc.  and find my powerdrill, and screw bits.  and i can’t find my drill bits. where the hell are they?

just came back from the hardware store. i got a reasonable facsimile of the bracket that broke off, and it comes with those little plastic screw support things. so first i have to drill a hole and then insert the bracket support and secure it with a screw… but i can’t find my drill bits!



Posted in annoying with tags , on Thursday 12 March, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

thurs 12 march

agh. i have to do my taxes.  i haven’t even started.  haven’t even looked at them. and i should contribute to my IRA, too. shouldn’t i?

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