about me

The Notorious O.S.C.
is a thirty-something former advertising/marketing guy from NY.

back in 2002, he decided that he was tired of the east coast, so he moved to San Francisco.

he works as a waiter/manager/bartender at an always-busy restaurant.

sometimes he drinks a lot.

and when he’s not at work, he’s usually at another restaurant or bar somewhere. it’s always fun for him, but not always fun for his bank account.



4 Responses to “about me”

  1. Hi!
    My name’s marina and I’m from Spain. I spent last year in Lisbon and, now, I’m planning to “design” (with my little knowledge of computers) a website about an erasmus (european exchange program) in Lisboa, for those going there in order to have all the information I can provide from my experience.
    The point is that I would love to be able to use a photo which appears here in your website called “lisboa-castelo”. In case, you allow me I would write your name as the author of the photo. What do you think?
    Let me know
    Best wishes
    Marina Vilà

  2. Hi there – I am doing research for a grad school project at George Washington University on Zipcar. I searched Twitter for “Zipcar” and saw your message so figured you might be able to help!

    I am hoping you would complete an online survey for me to help with my groups research. All completed entries with contact info (name and email) will be entered to win a $75 American Express gift card. I would really appreciate it! You can find the survey here:


    Feel free to retweet – members or nonmembers alike would be helpful!!!!


  3. Oscar you crazy kid!!! Can’t believe I found you via blog! Email me or something – I would LOVE to catch up with you. XOXOX, Gail (remember?…the other crazy kid from your NY clubbing days?)

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