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28 january 2014.

[sidebar]: how has it been more than a year since i’ve blogged?
easy. no one blogs anymore. it’s all about tumblr, vine, snapchat, pinterest. 
and i still use twitter. i’m such a dinosaur.

los angeles thCA0L5A1Gi’m headed to LA tmrrw.  the land of the beautiful, shallow, and self-centered.  i love it.

got nothing planned. it’s Amy’s bday.

[sidebar]:  how are my YOUNG friends suddenly  becoming older? weird!

got a place in WestHollywood from airbnb.  good times.

other than that, i’ll hang out with eegs, and maybe lulu.

thats all i got for ya.

*whew* it’s exhausting to start blogging again. no wonder i only fo this once a year.

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