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sunday. 12 feb 2012.

i really dont understand tumblr.  (does that make me an old person?)
it seems that everyone uses it to post random/weird/ironic pics. but i don’t understand why someone would want to share such things. am i missing something?


still no snow in the ‘hoe

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12 feb 2012. sunday.

it’s slow enough at work now that i can write a little. but what the hell did i wanna write about?

i’m off on mon tues wed thurs. so i have this idea that i’ll go to the ‘hoe. but there aint no snow there!


li po

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10 feb 2012.

no, we’re not talking elective plastic surgery to extract fat from your body. for that, see: liposuction.

we’re talking Li Po, everyone’s favorite chinese dive bar in SF.

click above to see photo credits: Telstar Logistics

i hadn’t seen aries in a while, and we were both working the PM shift. so we met up after work.

sidebar: has anyone else noticed that drinks have suddenly become way more expensive at this place? and what’s with the cocktail menu?

apparently, there’s a nightclub/dancefloor downstairs, although i’ve never been.  it was closed that night, and neither aries nor i particularly wanted to dance.

one or two drinks turned into four, and soon it was well past 1am, and we found our way to my canh (i think that’s what it’s called) for some most excellent pho. i’ve never order the same thing there (all three times that i’ve been) and this time was no different.

this time, it was a combo seafood rice plate of sorts.

when it arrived, i was slightly disappointed at first, but quickly realized the bounty of sauces available to me: fish sauce; sri racha; hot pepper flake/red sauce; hoisin…  **yummers** the possibilities were endless!

we chowed down. and overall, nothing much to report. but it was totes fun to hang out with a friend and not be a complete, bumbling, stumbling,  drunk idiot.

good times!

baby steps

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sat. 4 february 2012.

click pic for photo credit!


i don’t feel like writing anything. eventually, i for now, this.

in an interesting turn of events, i was off last night (friday). as much as i enjoy being off in the middle of the week, it’s nice to NOT have to deal with all the friday night drama-rama at the concierge desk. it’s nice to have a *little* bit of seniority.

so last night i did my laundry. terribly exciting, i know!

i could tell you about how i spent my day yesterday–at Buffalo (s)Exchange in the Mission, then pedaled around a little, returned a bicycle to Aries, and then hung out with Crazy Czech.

…but i wont. because i really don’t feel like writing…


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