monday 11 april 2011.

it’s busy at the hotel tonight.  there’s some convention in town. and lots of stupid-ass people, with stupid ass problems that are not necessarily concierge-related, but they call me to help them anyway: 

– i’m at pier 40, and i can’t get a cab.

– your wireless is slow.

– i lost my phone in a cab. can you call the cab company and have the driver bring it here?  why aren’t they calling me back? i need that phone!

– where can we eat that’s good? we’ll eat anything. 
no, we don’t want sushi.
no, we’re vegetarian.
no, we don’t want italian
no, we don’t want american.
etc. etc. etc.

in other news, i’m working at the Other Hotel tomorrow in the am, because Lana is on vay-cay.

in other, other news, except for the stupid-ass people, i kind of enjoy the busy-ness of it here.  the DJ is pumpin!

and in other, other, other news, i’m going to the ‘hoe again on wednesday! good times!


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