geminis twin?

sat 9 april, 2011

not, it’s not gemini’s twin, it’s actually twin sister.

but if you remember the SNL skit, you’ll know what i’m talking about.

anyway, twin sister is playing tonite at the hotel. it’s hipster central in the lobby tonite. i can’t even count how many ironic moustaches i’ve seen already, and the show doesn’t start for another hour.

i don’t know who the hell twin sister is, but thanks to the power of google and youtube, i’m totally well-versed. they’re kinda ethereal-sounding. reminiscent of the bands from 4AD from the early 90s:  cocteau twins, dead can dance, this mortal coil, throwing muses, his name is alive.  (note: before all of you music geeks lash out at me, here’s my disclaimer: i’m not sure if the aforementioned bands were actually on 4AD, so don’t get all crazy on me.)

i don’t really know how to describe their music, but it’s sorta like unicorns and stars and rainbows and waterfalls and “material girl” era madonna, with a backdrop of raindrops and flashdance and chimes, and lots of airy, breathless chanting, and charades. weird.

have a look/listen:


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