saturday 5 feb 2011

 because i usually work at night, i get lotsa question about nightlife. last night, i got outta work early, so i tried to go to jones. it’s a lounge of sorts. it opened a few months ago, then closed, strangely. yesterday, on urban daddy, i read that it was open again.


when i got there, it was closed closed CLOSED. like a prude’s legs.

i decided that it was going to be a night of research, so i checked out the DJ at LeColonial. the last time i was there was in… 2007 (?) i remememember that canada boy was visiting. its the same as before. pop music. anything and everything that’s tres populaire, which you’d hear on the radio. bartender was a little Dbag-ish though. i stayed for a drink, and headed over to…

full frontal fridays at Cafe Cafe. pop music. hot go-go boys. more pop music. butch lesbians wearing neckties and vests. throw in a few cocktails and it’s fun fun fun! within the first few minutes, i met a butch lesbian who was watching the go-go boys shake their gogos. later i ran into other butch lesbionics who were wearing ties and vests.  they looked kinda like justin beiber to me. kinda. the rest of the night was mix of jocky boys, rice queens, europeans, and even several straight couples. pop music. the cure for the common boredom!

after my night of research, i hung out with aries.  which is always fun. i don’t know what the hell we talked about till 4am, but we had tons of fun. and then we ate hummus. (totally makes, sense, no?  well… no, but just go with it)


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