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28 jan 2011 friday.

i went on a bender last night with aries.  what the hell, it was thursday night, and i hadn’t drank since at least, uh, monday. 

(sidebar: monday we went to the midnight sun and the mix and apparently also went to moby dicks.  i crashed over there, and the next morn, we tried to piece the night together via my twitters and txts.  apparently, fernet was involved.  ’nuff said.)

so we started at the LushLounge.  a few manhattans-on-the-rocks later, the blazing lights of last call and a freshly poured shot of fernet was staring me . 

we were smart enough to go home.  (or so i thought.)

somehow, we think it’s a good idea to go to the grubstake. (but really, isn’t it always a good idea to go to the grubstake?–verde fire sauce:  yum-mmers!)  

at the grubstake, i run into one of the former cocktail servers from the RWR. since it’s 2am, we’re fully intoxicated. thus we are BFF.  we hug. we kiss.  we hug again.  (because we love each other… duh!)

in other news, i’ve been working a lot lately.  between this job and covering shifts at the former job, i’ve been working quite a few double shifts = 16hour days.  exhausting.  i’m crazy. 

but it all works out in the end, because it’s Amy’s bday this week.  CrazyCzech and I are going to LA to celebrate with her at six fags, i mean, six flags.  good times!  employee rate wasn’t avail at current hotel, but i got the employee rate at former hotel.   kick-ass.  and car rental will be provided by zipcar.  (look at me, single-handedly saving the world through car sharing. i rule!)

i went snowboarding A LOT in december.  i also visited the fam in vega$.  (they didn’t annoy me so much this time)

snowboarding again, solo.  then again with the CrazyCzechs. and met more of them who were on assigment visiting from Flori-duh.  

after all this hanging out with people, i went on a mucn-needed sabbatical. re-organized my photos/apt/life and didn’t talk to a damn person for 2 days. 

although, JNayNay and I went out on a date because we love each other.  we started out at the hi tide, and went to gitane.

omg. speaking of hi tide!  justin theroux was at the hotel the other day, and one of our cocktail servers totally hooked up with him.  nothing major. they kissed. he invited her to his hotel room.  SCANDALOUS.

a couple months ago, JNayNay and i went on a bender in the marina.  bluelight, Liverpool lil’s, and final final.  good times.

a few weeks back, i went out with JMcD. haven’t seen him in a while.  so we went to the Tempest. 3 drinks later, i was drunk-a-licious.

new year’s eve, me and CrazyCzech went to boooootieSF (which had a line that was waaaaaayyyyy tooooooo long even though we already bought tix–such bullshit) and trigger.  good good times.  a great way to kick-start 2011.

there’s much more to say. and maybe ill say more of it later.

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