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heaven knows im miserable now

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sun 13 nov 2010

this charming band played last night at cafe du nord.

i went with Jamie. (btw, her hair isn’t so dry anymore)

it’s fun to re-live your days as a depressed, misunderstood, somber, angst-filled teenager from the suburbs.




in the crossfire

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friday 11.12.10

i heart brandon flowers.

but he needs to eat. he’s too skinny.


for my next trick, the Cliff House Infusion

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Monday 11.8.10

OMG.  I must stop drinking so much.

on tuesday 11.2.2010 went out with aries.  didn’t do much, but we hung out at my place with our friend KetelOne Citron.  good times.

on wednesday 11.3.2010, it was hella warm outside.  Los Gigantes had just won the world series and the entire town was coming off a high from the victory parade earlier that day.

i pretty much did nothing the rest of the day.  i luxuriated. i may have talked on the phone. i don’t remember.  it was one of those lazy days off.

that night, I went to a concierge event at the Cliff House where I learned all about the history of  the Sutro Baths

oh, and free appetizers and free wine/champagne.  thanks, Where Magazine!
i heart my job.

i left the place, and rode my bicycle back downtown. this time, not even a bit intoxicated. wow.

there was another event that evening to which i’d already RSVPd –a private party sponsored by Absolut with free drinks from 7-10pm at Infusion Lounge but didn’t have any desire to go.  Infusion Lounge, although an excellent space to go clubbing, attracts a ghetto-ass crowd more suited for Suite 181.   i know.  eeew.

i was slowly riding down geary st, exploring theMid.

(sidebar) i really need to hang out in theMid more often.  It’s so very mid-century  over there.  lotsa old neon, and old skool bars, restaurants, shops.  its like traveling through time.

CrazyCzech txtd me in the middle of my time-travel, and we decide to meet at Infusion.

we arrive at about 9pm, and are greeted with a line about 15 people long. after a little  hemming and hawing with the door people, I use my oh-so-powerful position as a concierge to get us in without waiting in line. excellent.  membership has its privileges.

the place is crowded, and it’s 9pm.  only an hour left for the open bar.  so we get some Absolut-sponsored drinks.  music: not bad. stuff you’d hear on the radio.  the cluuuuub itself is cool.  mostly red.  nice space.

a few leftover Giants fans are peppered throughout the club, I see some celebratory tshirts and caps and jerseys.

i notice their booze locker, and club photog approaches us and starts to ramble on and on about bottle service with locker. some crap about if you don’t finish your bottle, they’ll keep it for you, etc. etc.  then he asks to take our picture.  ok, weird photo guy.

last call for free booze is at 9:57pm.  of course we drink some more.   and then we order another round–but this time we pay.

we exit the club and it’s only about 10:30pm.  and the question of the night… do we go out some more?

YES is the answer.

we jump in a cab and head for starbelly, but to our disappointment, it’s already closed. or closing. or something.  i couldn’t really tell, as i was already well on my way to intoxication-ville.

we forego food and decide that it’s a perfectly good idea to drink instead of eat.  (of course.)

we stop at Moby Dick, to  drink and hang out. i like it there.  i start to get flashbacks from the first time i met Aries. weird.

next stop. badlands.  it’s wednesday and it’s not too crowded. fun fun fun. (but honestly, after 6  drinks, anything is fun fun fun.)

we enter the badlands and order an irish car bomb.  this is when my memory is like swiss cheese. i get flashes of being on the dance floor.  and then later a cab. and then my apt. and some fun ensues.

the next morning, there’s a cute stranger on my couch, and CrazyCzech is laying next to me.

OMG. my poor liver.

to beard or not to beard?

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tues 2 nov 2010. 11:30am

the SF Giants won the world series last night.  the streets were mayhem.  but i’d like to discuss a more important topic.

Brian Wilson.




no, not the Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys…

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys




i’m talking about this one:

Brian Wilson the relief pitcher from the San Francisco Giants

(he may have to think about changing his name or something.  people could get confused.  especially old people who lived thru the ’60s)

anyway… he’s all about the beard lately.  and, after some deliberation, i’ve decided that i quite like him better, sans beard.

see below:

dontcha think?

but really, what does it matter?  they won because they played the best ball.   ¡GIGANTES!

los gigantes

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¡Los gigantes son los campeones de la serie mundial!

OMG.  it’s mayhem in the streets right now.  it’s like Bay to breakers+halloween+pride+CriticalMass+love fest all rolled in to one.    excellent!

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