you sexy little minx

last week, me, J, and JMcD (my friends from the OtherHotel)  decided that it’d been too long since we’d all drank together.

we all worked till 11pm that nite, and met up at minx.  in a former life, minx was the RedRoom at the Hotel Commodore.  in its new incarnation, its a too-cool for skool dive bar.  fabu-lash.

it was good times! i don’t remember what the hell we talked about, but i started with a shot of fernet. (no wonder).  we heard about the new boy the J went on a date with.  he’s the manager at huf. several drinks later, she had enough sense to leave, but JMcD and i continued to drink until we couldn’t drink anymore.

and i think we got pizza.  glad i live just a few blocks away


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