sat 23 osc-tober 2010.

it was tuesday when CrazyCzech and i went to the oh-so posh restaurant benu at the former hawthorne lane.


that’s all i have to say.

i don’t care that you’re a french laundry alumnus.

food is… eh.   and way overpriced.  maybe upscale fine dining is wasted on me, because i really enjoy other restaurants,  like blue plate, front porch, maverick, nopa, coco500. 

oh, but it all looked good. everything was a piece of artwork and looked like it was from the 5th floor of the SF MoMA. i didn’t recognize most of the ingredients from their natural state.  weird. 

the dining room is totes minimalist. like someone’s living room, by way of crate & barrel.  yelpers were creaming over the utensils, which were excessively flat, and somewhat brushed steel (?)

and i had the privilege to experience this for a mere $300, ladies and gentlemen, $300.  is the word:  SUCKER printed boldly across my forehead?  apparently so.

i’m already tired of discussing this subject.


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