seemingly insipid

23 october 2010.

it started out as a low-key monday in late september. (it always does, doesn’t it?) who knew that it would escalate into an all-night binge of debauchery and emotion?

for whatever reason, i worked teacher’s hours that morning,  7am-3pm, which allowed me to attend the concierge event later that night at starbelly in the castro.  I’d been there before, but only for drinks.

i departed from the confines of the Hotel at 3pm. i’m rarely off at this time, and was a little unsure as to how to spend my newly found afternoon free. it was 80+ degrees outside, so i decided that outdoor luxuriation was going to be my main focus.  i rode around north beach, chinatown, and eventually ended by riding along the embarcadero. there is primo luxuriation real estate near the arrow.  the clock tower struck 5pm, and i was still there. the event started at 5:30pm.  i’d been riding my bike around town, and thought that a shower was in order before attending this event. luckily, the Crunch was right across the street, but it took me at least another 30 minutes before i motivated anywhere.

by the time i got to starbelly, it was about 6:30.  a few of the concierges were already there, including Eye and Maz, who i met at the wine country event the week prior.  i was glad, because i like them.  my former coworker LSan, and my replacement, Oz; my current manager, DR; and Association Prez (irritating) were there.  hellos and hugs were exchanged, and i started imbibing.

pimms cup was my drink of choice. after all, it was hot out,

click here to see where i got this image from!

and pimms cup are pretty light on the booze.  unless, of course, you drink 3 of them in the span of an hour. (-_-)

the event ended, and since we were in the Castro, me, Isaac, and Marie went to Qbar to partake in their 2-for-1 monday drink special.  we even got LSan to come with us.  however, she had enough sense to leave after drink #1, to go home and watch the season premiere of House. how smart of her. if only i’d known.

well, several rounds of drinks later, it was only 9pm.  and we were drunk. drunk. drunk.

so, like any self-respecting drunktards, we went to Badlands. Maz had 2 friends join us, so our drunk-tourage (entourage) was getting larger, and more intoxicated.

Badlands had $2 special on rolling rock. (yep, just what we needed!)  as a result, all of it was an incredible blur. although, somehow, we left badlands, because….

the next thing i realize, i’m in someone’s apt, drinking, playing and carrying on like i’m still in my 20s.

apparently, the night went something like this:

badlands.  moby dick.  chatting.  meet friends.  hit it off.  last call. back to new friends’ place.  drink some more.  upstairs, downstairs.  more playing.  phone call from mom at 4:15am.  turns out that my lola passed away.  call mom back, heavily intoxicated. lots of crying. more drinking. crashed at friends place. wake up the next morning. hung over as FUCK.

Aries, (my new BFF) recounts the night to me.  and even i’m surprised at the debauchery.

we spend the morning (and afternoon) trying to piece together the events that lead up to the present.  it was like playing “clue” in reverse. i discover that me and Aries have lots in common. he’s cool.  and i like hanging out with him.

i realize that i have to fly back to NY that afternoon/evening.  mother fucker. why am i so hungover?  and what’s with the swiss cheese memory?  (apparently, that’s what happens when you start drinking at 6:30pm.  and partake in monday night drink specials.)

anyway.  i’m glad it all happened, because it was fun.  and i made a new friend.but maybe next time, i won’t partake in so many 2-for-1 drink specials.

i head for the location of where (i think and hope!) my bike is still parked and locked.  and  there it was… just where i’d left it. excellent.

good times.


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