it was friday 13 august.

“u working?”

was the txt from JNayNay in the am.

little did I know that it was going to be the beginning of my friday night bender.

what followed was lunch and beers at the monk’s kettle with JNayNay, Kay, and then TheBartenderfromNewDelhi, and later CrazyCzech. lunch was… ok. I had the cincinnati chili–(ok) .  and fries (kickass!)  company made it better.

Kay is dating one of the bread bakers from Tartine Bakery, (he’s cute. i get vibes of a handsome Mr.Bean.) so we went there for dessert/coffee/people-watching.

we commented how delicious the chard sandwich thing that was at our next-table neighbor.  and she was so nice that she even offered the second half to us.  SF is so wacky like that. and even though we had just finished lunch, i was totally ready to eat again!  (sidebar–i don’t know why we politely declined… that shit looked great! )

the plan was to sit in dolores park, but the fog rolled in. we decided to walk along valencia.  JNayNay was looking for a dresser, so we went into vintage overpriced furniture stores.  JNayNay didn’t find a lamp, but i got a sunburst wall clock, and CrazyCzech got a lamp!  good times.

went home to drop off our treasures, and re-met up with the girls at Blondie’s, where, apparently, when you order a martini, it comes with the pint glass.  so it’s like 2+ drinks in one.  score! they cost about $12 though.  overall, totally worth it.

drea was supposed to meet up with us, but you know how she is.

next stop was delirium. one of the many excellent dive bars in the mission.  a few drinks, and BakerBoy was finished with work, and he joined us.

somehow, we decide to meet JNayNay’s friends for a bar crawl on divis.  i dunno, it made sense at the time. i had my bike, and was already on the road to drunkville.  we took the 22Fillmore, and put my bike on the front. score.  so we meet JNay’s friend Em (with several friends in tow) at the LionsPub.  ok place.  vibe ok. drinks ok.  free cheese.  good times!

Next stop is Solstice.  I enjoy it.  normal-ish crowd. not hipster, not marina, not douchey, not fratboy.  typical pac heights.   it starts to get hazy here. i remember that JNayNay orders fries.  which i’m very excited about!

through some random series of events, CrazyCzech meets us there after his shift ends at the restaurant.  as you remember, he was with us at lunch at the first drinking stop (monk’s kettle). Because we’re with an actual Czech, it’s decided that we must go to Frankie’s Bohemian.   someone in our group is disappointed that there’s only beer and wine at Frankie’s, and vocalizes such.  the bartender, without missing a beat, tells her to go somewhere else.  it’s that kinda place.  excellent.   JNayNay chimes in:”but we can’t go, i’ve got an actual Czech with me!”

and then CrazyCzech and the American-but-Czech-born bartender exchange some phrases in their native language.

our clique of people shrunk, and we’re down to me, CrazyCzech, JNayNay, Em, Garee, and Gimpy.

sidebar:  it was fun to hang out with Em, Garee, and Gimpy.  how am i supposed to procure them as my friends if i don’t have their contact info?  I don’t know why i didn’t ask for their info.  ugh, do i need to re-sign up for facebook?

we left Frankie’s after 2 drinks, and then went next door to Fishbowl.   it’s cool there too.  i really don’t remember much, about it.  i was talking to gimpy a lot, but he had his eye on the mackin’ action that was goin on between garee and em. methinks that he’s got a crush on either em or garee, i haven’t figured out that part yet.

the lights go up, and it’s last call. me and garee start talking about boston somehow.  and we’re bff.  and we hug.  and them we talk about something else, and we high five, and hug again.  apparently, me and garee are developing a bromance.

somehow, i got home.  CrazyCzech tells me we took a cab.

and in the morning i realize that my bike is still locked outside of the LionPub.


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