she’s not wicked, she was framed!

thursday 11 march 2010 10:59am

so i finally went to see wicked last night!  excellent storyline.  great costumes. kinda loud though.  G(a)linda the Good is so pompous, sanctimonious and self-centered.  damn. she had all of us fooled!

elphaba wasn’t wicked, she was framed!

it was interesting to learn the backstory of the wizard of oz, and to see all the corruption and scandal.  and to learn how the lion, scarecrow and tinman came to be?  excellent.

beforehand, we went to soluna.

and at the event, i saw some of the concierge community:  the little one, the chunky one, flo, rikki, rob, DebL, M from JW, CMandarin, Meg from sales.

oh, we ran into AsianRob and it turns out the guy he was with, D, works for the same parent company.  he’s in food&bev.


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