it was friday, 4 march 2010.
and faith and i had just come from the pez musuem in burlingame and the winchester mystery house. (more on that later)

we met up with marky and Jnay-nay at the tonga room for happy hour!  good times.  we drank super fruity tiki drinks, and by the time 8:00pm rolled around, the cheesy cover band floated out onto the lagoon to play some ’70s disco, and people started to dance, we decided to head to the next bar.

since the tonga room was so damn expensive, (not terribly so, but relatively) we decided to continue our drinking journey.  but where?  it was decided that we’d go somewhere with strong cheap drinks.  and the place was the cinch.

oh. em. gee.

i’d been there last week with marky, Jnay -nay.  that’s how we discovered that the drinks were hella (yes, i jsut said hella) cheap, and hella (yep, i just said it again) strong.

who cares if it’s a gay bar?

the bartenders are so welcoming. and friendly.  and they pour a strong drink!

but before we even got to the cinch, we stopped at the hyde-out on california.  this place is… okay.  it’s usually never crowded.  but tonight it was filled with weird(-er than usual) people and their dogs.  the girls were fawning over some dog.  me and marky were animated in some conversation of which i have no recollection.

eventually we end up at the cinch.  and i think it’s only 10:30.

and 2 rounds of drinks later, i don’t remember how we got home.  but i do remember a flash of eating pizza (again) in my kitchen. we musta gotten a few slices on the way home.  again.  damn. i’ve been eating lotsa pizza lately.

i just remembered that we went to Patxi’s pizza for lunch on thursday.


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