what a weird name for a restaurant

sat 5 sept 2009 11:10am

went to starbelly last night.  everything about it is very typical SF:

weird drinks?  check.

“local/organic/sustainable whenever possible”  ?  check.

long communal table?  check.

recycled/repurposed decor?  check.

old-style vintage lightbulbs?  check.

so i sat at the bar with CrazyCzech, and ordered some weird-ass drinks.  how weird can they be–they only have beer&wine?  try lime juice, maggi sauce, tabasco, worcestershire, and Lagunitas IPA on the rocks with a spicy salt rim?  weird.  but strangely tasty.

food is typical SF “comfort” food–basically, “expensive american” food.

corn dogs were suck-ass. all-natural hot dogs don’t really taste like anything. the mustard was kick-ass.  the homemade ketchup didn’t have enough salt or vinegar.

cheese grits were good.  not too cheesy.  salad or greens or something came along with it.  excellent.

starbelly salad–kickass!

cheese plate!  kick-ass.

oh, i had another drink, too.  it was a pimms cup.  they make it with ginger beer and a cucumber and an entire forest of rosemary. very refreshing.

afterwards, me and CrazyCzech went drinking. more on that later.

[where: 3583 16th street, san francisco, ca 94114]


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