and if a double decker bus…

3 sept 11:56am

went to a concierge event yesterday to the New People building in Japantown.   and the Fillmore Jazz District

Japantown’s newest building, New People, is the home for all things wacky japanese! we went on a tour of the building.  it’s got bule bottle coffee!  and a theatre that plays wacky japanese movies in japanese (with english subtitles), an art gallery with wacky japanese art.  and a boutique which sells wacky japanese clothes/books/stuff.  excellent.

we then went inside one of the malls. maybe it was the Kintetsu?  (the one in the middle), where we had some green tea, and walked around for a few moments.

back on the bus, and we headed to the Fillmore Jazz District.  specifically, the Fillmore Heritage center, next to yoshis, and 1300 fillmore.

we ate some fried stuff from guselas’ (?) chicken n waffles place, and pulled pork something from 1300 fillmore, and also ahi tartare (*yawn*) from yoshi’s.

all while a jazz band played.

and the cereal place was there, too.

we went inside the theatre to watch some short presentation on the Fillmore and how in its heyday it was the shizz-nat.

and then we got back onto the bus.

and went to twin peaks!

photo courtesy of carlos baena

photo courtesy of carlos baena

haven’t been to twin peaks in a few years.  it was fun.  and windy!

i got tons of schwag from the event.  i should go look at it!


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