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who’s that?

Posted in ramblings, san francisco, work on Monday 31 August, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

mon 31 aug 10:21am

Brazilian Doll sent me an email on wed, and mentioned that her aunt and uncle were checking into the Hotel on Thursday, and can i do anything for them, etc.

i didn’t look at the email until thursday and i’m off wed-thur-fri, so i couldn’t do anything for them until i got into work on sat.

i get there on sat and i see that they’re still in-house, checking out on Sunday. i was planning to upgrade them, or give ‘em free breakfast during their stay, but it’s too late for all that stuff.  so i decide that a bottle of wine is appropriate.

i print out a note, explaining to them that their niece, Brazilian Doll and i were coworkers, and she mentioned that you were staying here at theHotel, etc. etc.  please enjoy this bottle of wine with our compliments, etc.

yesterday (Sunday) at work, Uncle Brazilian Doll comes up to me with a thank-you note, looking for the woman concierge named (mylastname). apparently he got a little confused. whatever.

he wanted to thank me for the bottle of wine, but he didn’t know who it was from.

at first, i thought i sent it to the wrong room.  he confirmed that he was Uncle Brazilian Doll. so i went into my whole spiel about his niece, Brazilian Doll, etc. etc.

and still has no idea who she is.

so, either Brazilian Doll isn’t their “niece”, or they’ve got Alzheimers.


it’s not the heat, it’s the humidididity

Posted in ramblings, san francisco with tags , , , , , on Sunday 30 August, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sunday 30 august 9:07am

[sidebar:  how is it the end of august already?]

it’s been hot lately. hot like east-coast hot.  it’s weird.

and in other somewhat-related news, i’ve noticed a lot of NewYorkers at the hotel lately.  and i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again.  NewYorkers really enjoy complaining. a lot.  about everything.  and they won’t shut up about being from NewYork.  why is that?

and clearly i wasn’t that bad when i was a NewYorker.  or at least i wasn’t that vocal about it.

hello, insomnia

Posted in ramblings on Wednesday 26 August, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

wed 26 aug 6:11am

i woke up at 5:15am. goddamit. what’s with the insomnia?   too bad i’m not working the morning shift today.

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