the meeting of the minds

22 july 1:06am

went to a concierge association meeting earlier this evening.

good food.

some concierges are really full of themselves, and can be very condescending.

i gave the membership director a piece of my mind, and pointed out errors in the website and basically made glaring references to areas they’ve neglected.   we are only as good as our resources available to us, and there haven’t been very many resources or information provided to me via the website.

and i listened while we discussed things like integrity and ethics–supposedly, we’re not allowed to accept incentive plans.  like the one from the restaurant in the mun-NOCK-o. but i don’t understand how that’s different than our receiving commissions based on the tours that we book?

i also met some new vendors.  it’s always good to have more options.

i thought i had more to say. but i can’t remember it at the moment.

when i got back to my property, i saw the FD Mgr from the mun-NOCK-o.  and earlier i saw several other kimpton bigwigs, who can be quite pompous and irritating, too.  i’m glad i’m a concierge, and i don’t plan to climb up the ladder any further.

boobs came in to say hello.  but i was on the phone.

she and her friend went into the bar.

when i popped in to say hi, there was an old guy with them.  apparently, he’s a frequent guest at the JayDub.

and god-fucking-dammit! i have to work tomorrow at 7:00am! covering for L, because she got called for jury duty.





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