c’mon get happy!


me and my alma mater got together for happy hour the other night.

well, let me clarify. it wasn’t an official BUYAHH event. <–the acronym is SO queer, but i enjoy saying it. there were only 4 of us in attendance. me, marky, seedling, and larry.  and special cameo appearance by red.  (frank, unfortunately, couldn’t make it this time.  we’ll try next time, frank!).

we met up. chatted. laughed.  drank.  ate.  eventually, our group got smaller.  larry went to go see the new harry potter movie.  and red went home to change before she went on a bender thru chinatown <–more on that later.

me and seedling and marky went to drink some more at columbus cafe.  i’ve never been there before. and i realize it’s because i’m not white, nor only 5 years outta college. but oh, if i were, then i’d be there all the time!  everyone was a carbon copy of each other.  so many suits!  it was like the marina, but  south.

anyway, it was 2-fer-1 beers.  we got a seat and watched the entertainment unfold in front of us.  seedling got a sneak peek at guy-sitting at the bar’s txt to some random chick.  i unsuccesfully tried to navigate 2 drunk girls to the money pit for the photo booth.  turns out that all they had to do was look between their legs.  literally.  the bill acceptor was underneath where they were sitting.  but they were so damn drunk they didn’t notice.

somehow, seedling left us, and it was me and marky.

we went to tony nik’s. and had another drink.

and we decided to call it a night–until i remembered that i had to retrieve my bike, which still sat locked in front of our first stop of the night–iluna basque.

that was the death of me.

i unlock my bike. and as we walk towards the bus stop, we decide, what the hell.  lets stop into the chinatown bar and see how the bender is going.

this is where it starts to get,  uh…    -=~hazy~=-

we stop into li-po. crowded. with advertising people. it was fun.

we have a drink.

and then i think we ordered another one (?)

and suddenly, like a flash mob. the entire bar empties out.  apparently, they’ve all headed to the next place.

and the bar, suddenly silent, feels like 1:45am, and it’s barely 9:30pm.

a few minutes later, (or maybe 20 minutes later, i dunno–you know how you lose all sense of time when you drink  a lot?) we finish up and walk outside and find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a drunken ad agency, in the middle of chinatown.

somehow, we become honorary employees, and find ourselves at the next bar. fun!

and we had, uh,  two more drinks there ?  (~_~)  i think.

later, fast forward to riding the 1-California bus.

and several hours later, it’s morning, and i wake up to find myself in my bed.

good times.


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