the king and i

the king and i

sunday 19 july 2009.

on friday, j and i went to san mateo (of all places), to see the king & i. i saw a few of the concierges there.  Creepy Concierge. and Mimi.  and the two ladies.

it was a long-ass play.  me and j left at half-time. it started at 8pm, and half-time wasn’t until 9:45!

from the half i watched, i noticed that it’s just an asian version of the Sound of Music, with suckier music.

like i said, we high-tailed it outta there at half-time, for fear that we’d be stuck there till midnight.

we both had a hankering for thai food.  i wonder why? (-_-)

but instead we drove to palo alto.

once there, we ate at Nola. it was like being in mardi gras in the suburbs. so many college kids were crowding the entrance to the bar.  and we got carded to go into the restaurant.  (i get carded almost every time i go out, so that wasn’t why i was surprised.  but to get carded to go into a restaurant to eat? weird.

food was kick-ass.

we started with chicken andouille gumbo. perfectly spicy and rice-y and flavorful.

and then crab dumplings.  perfectly creamy and asian-ish.

entrees were skirt steak for j, and cajun (?) prawns for me.

and mojitos for both of us.

i was facing the window, so i could watch the parade of stanford kids looking to drink on a friday night.

j drove me back to the BART station. and i got there in the nick of time–i caught the last train back into the city.

i’m glad i don’t live in palo alto.


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