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31 may sun.

what the hell have i been doing lately? a whole lot of un-important.  mostly happy hours, i think.

tried a few new restaurants, and re-connected with old ones. tropisueno, local, extreme pizza, dim sum bar, the view, oola, farmerbrown, indian buffet.

tried some new happpy hours: perry’s, cosmopolitan cafe, roe, la mar, two, mccormick&kuletos, taco tuesday.

reacquainted myself with, and introduced myself to some of the bars and clubs around: trigger, sadlands, slide, toadhall, vessel, matrixfillmore, medjool.

reconnected with current and met some new friends: homeslice, Dave from the MidWest, czechxican, theColleague, MishyMoo, Frank

all while riding my bike around town, and sprinkling a few trips to the gym here and there. and i guess i’ve been working too.



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did it suddenly become may?

what the hell have i been doing lately?

a lot of little trips. wine country with theRestaurant.  wine country with theHotel.  and tomorrow, wine country with theColleauge.  very strange, especially since i don’t like wine.

doing laundry now.

in other news, i think it’s very embarrarssing that so many celebrities are twittering in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

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