mamma mia!


singalong mamma mia last night at the CastroTheatre!

costume contest, lipsynch contest. fun fun fun.

but first, i went to la mar with marky and JNayNay, and several of marky’s coworkers.  happy hour was FUUUUUUUCCKING crowded!

and then i sang my lungs out a mamma mia.

and then i went to the grubstake for dinner. (mac&cheese w linguiça!)

and then at about 11pm or so, hildo txted.  she was just gettin offa we met for a drink.  started out at zeki’s. but it was too damn crowded, instead, we went to the HydeOut.  the people there are a little weird.  they all kinda know each other, and they treat the place like its their living room.  people were sitting at the bar, not necessarily drinking, but doing stuff like playing cards, putting stickers onto things, eating takeout.  so odd.

and i was getting this vibe that they were from SanRafael. or Novato, or some other horrible places in the NorthBay. i dunno why.

we were in the upstairs loft-ish area.  and a girl was on the phone, and her conversation was very drama-filled.  a lot of “why are you being so mean to me, and i don’t think i deserve to be treated this way and all i get from you is negativity and i don’t need that in my life so we shouldn’t be friends anymore.” (or some shit like that) blah blah blah blah.  blahblah blah.  it was worse than highschool.

anyway, hildo and i discussed her future. she’s moving back to TheCruz.

it was good times.


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