wine, whine, why?

sun 5 apr

went to a concierge event the other night.  it was a wine tasting event at LeCluuuuuub.  and it was sponsored by Artesa winery.

a few years ago, i went to Artesa Winery. it’s on a hill, with lotsa art. my friends and i felt it was a little creepy. and then we decided that it was some sort of weird cult. probably scientologists. so we high-tailed it outta there.

the tasting was fine. the usual concierges were there. and i also met a wife of a LesConcierge.  it was okay.

while i was there, the concierges told me about another wine event that was happening at the PressClub.  i had no idea about it, but after the event at LeClub (which ended conveniently at 7pm). i headed over to the PressClub (which conveniently began at 7pm).

while there, i met more and more of my colleagues from other hotels. and we talked shop for a while.  discovering that no one was making any money at the moment.  at least i’m not the only one.

fast forward a few hours and i’m drunk. and i haven’t eaten more than 2 teeny tiny crackers with some paste spread onto it.  oh yes.  i’m druuuuunk.

somehow, me and the concierges from the St.Regis decide that it’s a great idea to continue drinking wine at Hotel Biron wine bar. (hellllooo?)

(this is where things begin to get hazy.)

we musta taken a cab to Biron…

and i shared a bottle of wine with my new BFF from the St.Regis.–K? and i met a sous chef, also from StR. and another concierge.

and we continued to drink.

and i’m getting flashes of kissing, i think. and some stroking.

what a fucking mess.

morning came too early. and i tried to piece together the night.

i won’t go into details.


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