second guessing gets you nowhere

lately, i’ve been wondering if my decision to leave the restaurant world was the right one.

it’s great being at the hotel; career-wise, i have much more of a future, and room for growth, advancement opportunities, etc. blah blah blah.  blah.  blah-blah-blah.

…but try to tell that to my bank account.


i made way way way way more $$$ at theRestaurant.

i keep needing to remind myself that i didn’t take this hotel job for the $$$.  (remember, you didn’t take this hotel job for the $$$)

and then i think back to the nights at the restaurant: all the guest complaints, the systems crashing, DSL malfunctions, utensil/linen famines, miscellaneous leaks from upstairs, water cooling system alarms, staff gripes and non-compliance, owner meltdown, and general hellacious working conditions… and i realize how much more mentally stable i am now that i don’t work there.

i’m mentally richer, but financially poorer.

there’s no looking back now.

and in other news.  i must do my taxes!


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