server crash

computer systems totally crashed and burned (again) the other night at work. it was about 7pm, and i was just coming back from dinner break.  i noticed that General Manager, and Front Office Manager and Restaurant Manager were frantically trying to get someone from tech support on the phone. (which, turned out not to be working properly–the phone, that is)

in the midst of all this, of course, several people arrived at the same time to check-in.

our phones, computers, internet, guest folio systems, key cutting, restaurant operating systems had all grinded to a halt. ouch.

i was really glad that General Manager and Front Office Manager happened to be staying late that night.

all i had to do was stand by, and let them tell me what to do.


i also noticed that Restaurant Manager and Restaurant Assistant Manager, although slightly inconvenienced, didn’t have to do a damn thing to get the systems up and running, because it was a hotel-wide issue.

i couldn’t help but be annoyed that these managers didn’t have to deal with the hell that is a system crash.

and i’m glad i have nothing to do with any of this stuff.

it’s nice to be a concierge.


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