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theKillers vegas-style!

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i heart brandon flowers.  there. i’ve said it.  and i’m not embarrassed.

is it possible to love the killers more than i did before?

saw them last night at the new joint at the HardCock in vegas.

the new joint is enormously wide. the floor level has several risers, so everyone in the orchestra/gen adm section can see what the hell’s happening on stage. kinda like a bigger version of theWhorefield.

two gynormous tv screens flanked either side of the stage, so you could see closeups of pretty boy brandon flowers.


mamma mia!

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singalong mamma mia last night at the CastroTheatre!

costume contest, lipsynch contest. fun fun fun.

but first, i went to la mar with marky and JNayNay, and several of marky’s coworkers.  happy hour was FUUUUUUUCCKING crowded!

and then i sang my lungs out a mamma mia.

and then i went to the grubstake for dinner. (mac&cheese w linguiça!)

and then at about 11pm or so, hildo txted.  she was just gettin offa we met for a drink.  started out at zeki’s. but it was too damn crowded, instead, we went to the HydeOut.  the people there are a little weird.  they all kinda know each other, and they treat the place like its their living room.  people were sitting at the bar, not necessarily drinking, but doing stuff like playing cards, putting stickers onto things, eating takeout.  so odd.

and i was getting this vibe that they were from SanRafael. or Novato, or some other horrible places in the NorthBay. i dunno why.

we were in the upstairs loft-ish area.  and a girl was on the phone, and her conversation was very drama-filled.  a lot of “why are you being so mean to me, and i don’t think i deserve to be treated this way and all i get from you is negativity and i don’t need that in my life so we shouldn’t be friends anymore.” (or some shit like that) blah blah blah blah.  blahblah blah.  it was worse than highschool.

anyway, hildo and i discussed her future. she’s moving back to TheCruz.

it was good times.


Posted in annoying, rant on Monday 6 April, 2009 by the Notorious O.S.C.

6 april mon

i just got a note from my bank.  Shittybank.  (citibank).

it’s a warning letter telling me that i have excessive transactions on my account.  and by excessive, they mean more than 6.

and if this happens a few more times, my account will be closed.

what. the fuck. such bullshit!!

what is this stupid-ass law about? more than six transactions gets you a warning letter and possible termination?

do they want to drive me to another bank?  because i can take my business elsewhere, motherfuckers!

ugh.  or i may have to change the type of savings account… such drama. for nothing.

wine, whine, why?

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sun 5 apr

went to a concierge event the other night.  it was a wine tasting event at LeCluuuuuub.  and it was sponsored by Artesa winery.

a few years ago, i went to Artesa Winery. it’s on a hill, with lotsa art. my friends and i felt it was a little creepy. and then we decided that it was some sort of weird cult. probably scientologists. so we high-tailed it outta there.

the tasting was fine. the usual concierges were there. and i also met a wife of a LesConcierge.  it was okay.

while i was there, the concierges told me about another wine event that was happening at the PressClub.  i had no idea about it, but after the event at LeClub (which ended conveniently at 7pm). i headed over to the PressClub (which conveniently began at 7pm).

while there, i met more and more of my colleagues from other hotels. and we talked shop for a while.  discovering that no one was making any money at the moment.  at least i’m not the only one.

fast forward a few hours and i’m drunk. and i haven’t eaten more than 2 teeny tiny crackers with some paste spread onto it.  oh yes.  i’m druuuuunk.

somehow, me and the concierges from the St.Regis decide that it’s a great idea to continue drinking wine at Hotel Biron wine bar. (hellllooo?)

(this is where things begin to get hazy.)

we musta taken a cab to Biron…

and i shared a bottle of wine with my new BFF from the St.Regis.–K? and i met a sous chef, also from StR. and another concierge.

and we continued to drink.

and i’m getting flashes of kissing, i think. and some stroking.

what a fucking mess.

morning came too early. and i tried to piece together the night.

i won’t go into details.

second guessing gets you nowhere

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lately, i’ve been wondering if my decision to leave the restaurant world was the right one.

it’s great being at the hotel; career-wise, i have much more of a future, and room for growth, advancement opportunities, etc. blah blah blah.  blah.  blah-blah-blah.

…but try to tell that to my bank account.


i made way way way way more $$$ at theRestaurant.

i keep needing to remind myself that i didn’t take this hotel job for the $$$.  (remember, you didn’t take this hotel job for the $$$)

and then i think back to the nights at the restaurant: all the guest complaints, the systems crashing, DSL malfunctions, utensil/linen famines, miscellaneous leaks from upstairs, water cooling system alarms, staff gripes and non-compliance, owner meltdown, and general hellacious working conditions… and i realize how much more mentally stable i am now that i don’t work there.

i’m mentally richer, but financially poorer.

there’s no looking back now.

and in other news.  i must do my taxes!

hello? anybody out there?

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thurs 2 april

was just wondering who reads this.

if you read this blog,  leave a comment.  just to say hello.  it doesn’t matter who you are. or where you’re from. you don’t have to say who you are.  just say hi.

and this is all purely for egotistical reasons. it’s interesting for me to know if people read this blog, or just come across it while googling something else.

good times.

server crash

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computer systems totally crashed and burned (again) the other night at work. it was about 7pm, and i was just coming back from dinner break.  i noticed that General Manager, and Front Office Manager and Restaurant Manager were frantically trying to get someone from tech support on the phone. (which, turned out not to be working properly–the phone, that is)

in the midst of all this, of course, several people arrived at the same time to check-in.

our phones, computers, internet, guest folio systems, key cutting, restaurant operating systems had all grinded to a halt. ouch.

i was really glad that General Manager and Front Office Manager happened to be staying late that night.

all i had to do was stand by, and let them tell me what to do.


i also noticed that Restaurant Manager and Restaurant Assistant Manager, although slightly inconvenienced, didn’t have to do a damn thing to get the systems up and running, because it was a hotel-wide issue.

i couldn’t help but be annoyed that these managers didn’t have to deal with the hell that is a system crash.

and i’m glad i have nothing to do with any of this stuff.

it’s nice to be a concierge.

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