busy night

sun 29 march

wow.  friday night was busy.  not busy at work–socially busy.

i was off, and was trying to figure out what to do.

CrazyCzech and i decide that we want to absorb some culture, catch a play at the cheapy theatre on van ness.

baptized-to-the-bone3we saw Baptized to the Bone. about an artist hustler who blackmails not only a pastor, but his wife, too.  somewhat funny-ish. dark humor. cynical.  i kinda liked it.  and it was at the half-price ticket booth.

oh, but the show didn’t start until 8:00pm, so we decide to hit up some happy hour, or at least try some new bars.

we tried sushi zone.  there was already a line there, so we went to Pisco on market st.  (brought to you by the same folks as Destino.)  as we drank, we felt it was silly to be waiting and waiting for a table in a teeny tiny place on friday night–after all, we are professional eater/drinkers.  waiting for a table for more than a few minutes is an amateur mistake!

we rode and rode and rode around the castro/mission/etc.  we stumbled upon regalito just offa valencia. i’d passed by it many many times. never went in tho.  it was kick ass!  chx wings, and some sort of weird flatbread thing with prawns on it.  yummers.  and a pitcher of sangria!

at about 7:50pm, we realize we need to get the fuck outta there to catch the show.  we were on our bikes, so it shouldn’t take too long.

on market at van ness, we got stuck in Critical Mass.  bicyclists are really weird.

made it to the show, as mentioned above.

then afterwards, we decided to explore the neighborhood.

we went to martuni’s on market st.  it’s an old piano bar where drag queens and regular folks get together and sing show tunes.  how gay.  gay gay gay. and it’s supposed to be.

the front bar area was a little less over-the-top. just people, regular people. all ages. all types. just drinking. hanging out.  talking. laughing. enjoying themselves. i liked it.  the bartenders were quite dramatic and would break into song every so often to go along with whatever piano music was wafting along from the other room. watching the bartenders interact with each other was like a variety/comedy show.  humorous and entertaining.

2 drinks later we decide to head home.

but we stopped at Deco Lounge, since it’s on the way home.  it was hipster night. lotsa young kids, maybe barely 24 years old.

we stop in for a drink, and go to the bar in the back.

somehow we start talking to the bartender, a chubby-ish latino guy wearing a newsboy cap.

turns out, he and i have the same name.

from that very moment, we became BFF.  and started doing shots of tequila.

and i don’t remember the rest of the details of the evening. but the next morning, i wasn’t necessarily hung over, but quite depressed.

and i had an enormous scrape on my right arm, and i can’t figure out where the hell it came from.

good times.


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