road to nowhere

fri 20 march 2009

i rode my bike yesterday.  and rode and rode and rode.

my original idea was to ride over the GoldenGate Bridge.  but then i realized that once i went over the bridge, then i’d be in marin.  eeew.  and why would i want to be in marin??

i opted for a ride thru the marina, crissy field, and the presidio, which eventually brought me to the inner richmond, which begat GoldenGate Park, which begat the lower haight, and the Castro, and the Mission, and then eventually, 4 hours later, i went to the gym at new montgomery.

sidebar: saw some of my gym community there.  ChattyBrit, GuyWithBigNose, GuyWhoKindaLooksLikeMeBut Shorter, etc. it’s crowded at the gym at 6pm.  and it was irritating to have to wait for a machine, or weights, etc.

my day was filled with activity.

no wonder i was so tired when i got home.


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