## crash ##

is what i heard yesterday afternoon coming from the walk-in closet, as i left the apt.

didn’t think anything of it.

till i got home.

a bolt, or screw, or support beam of sorts dislodged itself from my shelving unit, causing the whole shelf to come crashing down, taking all the clothes with it.

**sigh** i’ve been spending the better part of the day trying to get it back together, and find bits of bracket/support/screw/etc.  and find my powerdrill, and screw bits.  and i can’t find my drill bits. where the hell are they?

just came back from the hardware store. i got a reasonable facsimile of the bracket that broke off, and it comes with those little plastic screw support things. so first i have to drill a hole and then insert the bracket support and secure it with a screw… but i can’t find my drill bits!



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