zuni brunch

19 march thurs

[where: 1658 market, 94102]

went to zuni on sunday for brunch with frank and MishyMoo. it’s fun to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. MishyMoo just got her green MBA, and was in town for a networking event of sorts.  VanJones (info here, because i didn’t know who he was, either,) has  apparently just accepted a position as a white house adviser.  he was a speaker at her event.  exciting.

frank is gonna move back to ny, probably in the fall.

i had a ceasar salad (surprisingly enormous) and a pizza w anchovy/pine nuts/white cheese/oliveoil/rapini (?)  can’t remember.

but what i DO remember is the bloody mary.  not the best one i’ve had, but it was an excellent blend of spicy/tangy/horseradish-y/onion-y.  (and i don’t like onions!)

MishyMoo’s teeny tiny salad of greens seemed disapointing for the price. although her pasta with pork sugo was kick-ass.  frank’s sausage and eggs were, well, sausage and eggs.

good times.


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