mais oui, chez papa

thurs 18 mar

[where: 4 mint plaza, 94103]

went to chez papa resto yesterday to partake in their $21.95 3 course prix fixe lunch special.

it’s in the mint plaza, which is a fancy name for “the-alleyway-behind-market street-off 5th-St.”  i have to say, the food is excellent.

i started with a butter lettuce salad with mustard vinaigrette dressing, fennel, and some crazy delicious herbs. CrazyCzech had a beef tartare with a teeny tiny raw egg on top.  mmmmmm

loch duarte salmon followed. yeah!  and duck leg confit for CrazyCzech.

dessert was a (what the hell do you call a flan that’s not cooked??  it’s not pot de creme, it’s called something else.  well, that’s what i had.)

to drink, i had a pastis.  basically a licorice/anise drink, with orgeat syrup.  OMG.  kick-ass!

there’s lovely outdoor seating, in the usually-warm and sunny stretch  of mint plaza. they’ve got good real estate there.  i don’t understand why it’s not more crowded.  perhaps at dinner.

the inside is like a french lounge. with tables.  it’s ornate, but nothing is pink or licght colored.  i very much enjoy the decor in there.  it’s young hip fun.

i dont think that my senior citizen guests at theHotel will enjoy it.  it’s too dark for them.

while we were finishing up lunch, the owner, manager, and other manager were having a meeting a few tables down from us.  the owner is so very typical “french-guy-in-his-early-40’s-living-in-a- major-metropolitan-city” looking: expensive jeans. expensive sneakers. black puffy jacket. somewhat spiky hair. just the right amount of scruff. sunglasses. holding a cigarette, but barely smoking it, because he’s too busy.  hilarious.  the other two  managers were dressed really well. and also quite trim. one was french, because they were all speaking french, but the tall skinny one wasn’t french, because when they all met together, they switched over to english.

i’m definitely putting this on my radar so i return here. i always forget about the other side of market street!


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  1. I *love* this place!!

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