cameo appearance

sat 14 march

xandra was in town yesterday for a conference. she was staying at the hyatt embarcadero, and we met at sens. (embarca 4)

there’s a happy hour at sens from 4:30-7:30.  never been there before. it’s kinda cool.  there’s outside seating, a covered patio, drink specials, etc.  although, i wouldn’t say the drinks were cheap by any stretch of the imagination. i think they were about $7 for a cocktail.  but these cocktails probably cost about $12-$15 normally, so i guess $7 is a deal, isn’t it?

office people were abound. many with their ID badges still clipped to their waistbands. lots of texting and crackberry-ing going on, trying to get in contact with stragglers still at the office.  overall, it was quite an attractive crowd. turnover was relatively quick, as it seemed many people needed to scoot out to catch public transportation and get back to the suburbs.

it was good to see xandra. we went to college together.  i met her freshman year, thru a friend from my floor.  then i didn’t see her again till we were seniors in college, and we both went on the same study abroad program.

over a few drinks, we caught up on our lives, etc.

she brought pics of an aries party past.  from 1999, i think . we had a laugh.  and couldn’t remember lots of the people in the pics. (it’s too bad we didn’t have enough time for me to get copies of the photos.)  there were some good ones in there.  i can’t believe that i was able to smash so  many people into my tiny studio apt in the East Village.   **sigh** it was so much fun to be young!

xandra was only in town for a day or so. and after we finished round 3 of drinks, i dropped her off at the lobby cab stand, and she dashed off to catch her redeye back to boston.


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