film fest opening party

fri 13 march.

(stfu! today is friday the 13th)

SF Asian American Film Festival. opening party last night. (didn’t go to the film, because it’s usually boring as fuck.)

to state the obvious, there were a lot of asian people there! really.

overall, it was okay.  i went with HomeSlice. and at the entrance, we ran into Jamie, and since she’s the HBIC, she let us in gratis. score!   it pays to know people in high places.

i didn’t see anyone i “know”, except for Bradley (Jamie’s boif).

this economic reality is really affecting everything.  the event had much much less booze than in the past.  and it was only dessert-y foods that were on offer.  previous years included a selection of sweet and savoury selections.  (just last year, i believe, TheRestaurant was one of the food sponsors.)


read my post about last year’s event.

i didn’t bother to go through the museum, because i find the Asian Museum to be quite snoozy.


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