return of the jade-night

mon 9 march

JNayNay txtd me last nite.  she and boobs were going to jade!  i can’t remember the last time i was there.

met up with boobs’ friends from the j-dub.  and met some other concierges: somewhat asian guy from the j-dub, and drunk K from campton place.  also boobs’ random coworkers:  em, and R-NayNay.

(((to be continued…))

ok, now i’m continuing….

drinks are still cheap, $2.50 for well drinks. but the stuff in the well is horrid.  the whiskey–Old Town (?) or History Legend (?) or something i’d never heard of. same with the vodka.  but during these economic times, you do what you gotta.

drunk K was too drunk, so he and his friend left.  the rest of us stayed till close.

surprisingly, i only had 3 drinks.  and i wasn’t so drunk when i got home.

it’s good to know that i’ve finally (maybe) learned to pace myself.


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