the mission

sun 8 march

[where: 94110]

hung out in the mission last night. the kids from work went to celebrate birthdays at the Elbo Room.  when i got there at 11:15, the entrance line was impossibly long.

such crap.  the elbo room is a suck-ass bar. i ain’t waiting in line to get into a suck-ass bar.

so i hopped back on my bike and met HomeSlice and Frank at the Attic.  (a different suck-ass bar.) it was 70s soul-funk -pop-whatever night.  it wasn’t bad.  drinks are surprisingly cheap! only $5.  good times.

the girls were there because of their friend.  and when i got there, he’d already left.

so we chatted for a while. about nothing. and tried to get a drink.  (yet another bar with slow bartenders!–what is it about this town and slow, suck-ass bartenders?)

frank called it a night, and me and homeslice headed to doc’s clock.  i haven’t been to doc’s clock in about a year, since MishyMoo was in town, and i had that drunken night in the Mission.

doc’s was cool.  cheap drinks.  and apparently, they’re “green”. they recycle, they promote consumption of local spirits, and they compost, too.  let me understand this: i can save the planet by drinking? excellent!


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